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Welcome to Clothesource

Clothesource provides the world apparel industry with a unique range of services, information and consultancy, based on our roots in the practical manufacturing of apparel.

Our libraries of news and facts about garment sourcing help our clients because they’re based on what we need to know every day.

Established in 1992 to find Eastern European garment factories for Western customers, the company still has offices in Romania where it ensures both apparel and non-apparel customers get high quality products on time.

Customers such as Gap, Marks and Spencer, Next, The Limited and many others have used Clothesource to improve their garment production and sourcing over the past 16 years. Today, Clothesource also provides our many other clients with the information that they need to make sourcing decisions on a global scale.

For information about Clothesource services, please contact us at intelligence@clothesource.net

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