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  • Sanity in May? Most of the Trump team start getting practical

    The rhetoric from Trump and some of his team is still inconsistent with sensible international trade

  • Media claim “White House civil war over trade”

    A March 10 article in the Financial Times, generally reflecting much other comment, claims US officials dealing with trade are engaged in a “civil war” with each other.

  • US public support for NAFTA now stronger than opposition

    The Gallup organisation reported on February 24 that US public support for NAFTA in early 2017 was greater than opposition for only the second time in 20 years

  • Mexico says “we’ll quit NAFTA if Trump makes unreasonable demands”

    Mexico’s top trade negotiator said in an interview published on February 27 that he would walk away from the table if US negotiators threatened 20% duties on cars.

  • Trump seems to be trying to break up NAFTA

    A possibly unscripted February 13 remark by Donald Trump might indicate he wants to break up NAFTA, not merely renegotiate it.

  • Mexico begins 90 day consultation period over NAFTA renegotiaton

    Mexico expects formal talks to begin in May

  • Trump sourcing plans shot down by his own team

    Crucial sourcing commitments by President-Elect Donald Trump came under fire from his own side in early December.

  • US unions sue US government over Mexican truck access

    The Teamsters Union filed a legal challenge on March 10 to the American Department of Transportation’s (DOT) recent decision to open the US  border to Mexican trucks.

  • US pressure groups to continue opposing Mexican trucks in California

    …though the US committed to the principle when it signed the NAFTA treaty over 20 years ago.