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  • 11 Pacific nations decide to salvage TPP – but no firm timetable

    Japan and other members of the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreed on May 21 to pursue their trade deal – but were vague on the detail of what “pursue” meant.
    A planned meeting in Hanoi of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum failed to agree on its usual joint statement after US opposition to commitments on fighting protectionism.

  • Limited aspirations for “jilted TPP partners” summit

    Few observers have high  expectations for a March 14 summit in Chile of the countries that had been negotiating the Trans Pacific Partnership until Donald Trump pulled the US out.

  • Jilted TPP partners (plus a few) share new hopes

    Before a March 14-15 meeting in Chile planned to review next steps after US withdrawal from the TPP, other negotiating partners – plus China, Korea and Colombia – shared views on future possibilities.

  • Media claim “White House civil war over trade”

    A March 10 article in the Financial Times, generally reflecting much other comment, claims US officials dealing with trade are engaged in a “civil war” with each other.

  • What’s the Chinese for hogwash?

    “China must be ready to face [the] growing trend of protectionism” said its Premier Li Keqiang on March 5.

  • China free trade pretensions come under more fire

    Shujiro Urata, a fellow of the Japan Centre for Economic Research and a former economist at the World Bank, said on February 28 that China has been unable to “contribute constructively” to the past five years’ Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) talks and would be unable to accept some key TPP chapters.

  • Seventeenth round of RCEP talks starts as China tries promoting alternative to TPP

    The seventeenth round of talks between the sixteen countries currently interested in developing the Pacific-based Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) began in Kobe, Japan on February 27.

  • Still unclear who’s coming to jilted TPP partners’ future planning meeting in Chile

    It remains unclear which countries are attending the meeting called for March 14-15 in Viña del Mar, Chile, to discuss options for trade co-operation after US withdrawal from the TPP.

  • First details emerge of probable NAFTA and Border Tax legislation – but where’s China?

    US Congressional Republican leaders made their pitch on February 1 and 2 for handling NAFTA renegotiation and border taxes. Trump’s earlier China commitments seem to have disappeared.

  • Jilted TPP partners divided over response

    The eleven countries abandoned by the US when it left the Trans Pacific Partnership on January 23 appear seriously divided about what to do next. Beijing continues to suggest their best response is a completely different arrangement centred on China.

  • Vietnam pessimism won’t stand up to scrutiny

    Foreign media and Vietnamese businesses almost unanimous in complaining about effect on Vietnamese apparel industry of US abandoning TPP negotiations. But even the Vietnamese admit that its apparel industry exports grew 5.2% in 2016. This, they believe, compares with:

  • Trump sourcing plans shot down by his own team

    Crucial sourcing commitments by President-Elect Donald Trump came under fire from his own side in early December.

  • Can US apparel importers expect sudden price rises – or a trade war?

    How seriously should brands and retailers take reports that Trump will slap extra duties on Chinese imports – and China’s almost hysterical response to those reports?

  • Japan calls a TPP without the US “meaningless”

    The 11 remaining nations will continue working on the pact.

  • Some TPP partners imply they’ll press on without US

    “We reaffirm our commitment to keep our markets open and to fight against all forms of protectionism,”  said 21 Asia-Pacific countries – including China, and all 12 TPP partners –  on November 20.