Archive | Trump’s dishonoured promises

  • Trump tax plan seems to rule out border taxes

    Donald Trump revealed he plans to announce major tax cuts by the end of April – but most commentators believe his announcement must delay any talk of border taxes.

  • Trump reneges on Chinese “currency manipulator” promises

    Donald Trump admitted on April 12 that he had no plans to honour public commitments he had repeatedly made to deal with the “currency manipulation” he insisted China was practising.

  • US media complicate story of Trump’s attitude to China

    Activists continue to investigate what lies behind the Trump Administration’s inactivity over its promises on China.

  • US Senate appears to be delaying NAFTA clock starting till Lighthizer confirmed

    Reports in the specialist global trade press on March 22 indicated that the US Senate will not accept notice of the start of NAFTA renegotiations until President Trump’s US Trade Representative (USTR)  nominee, Robert Lighthizer, has been confirmed.

  • Trump’s trade guru produces 24-point (or is it 22-point?) model trade agreement

    A list of “model elements in trade deals”, produced by  the White House National Trade Council Director Peter Navarro appears to have now grown to a “non-exhaustive” list of 24 items.