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  • Fast Retailing spurns US production

    Tadashi Yanai, chairman and president of Fast Retailing, said on March 28 that there is “no chance” of US production for the company – probably the first time any Top 20 global apparel retailer has come out and denied the possibility of US production.

  • IAF fears “disruption to global clothing trade”

    Growing geo-political tensions, polarisation and populism could lead to possible disruption in international trade in clothing, the International Apparel Federation (IAF) has warned.

  • “35%-75% of Leicester garment workers paid below legal minimum”: senior politician

    “Between one-third and three-quarters of Leicester’s textiles factories are exploiting workers” claimed prominent Labour MP Harriet Harman while visiting Leicester garment factories on March 1

  • UK policy on post-Brexit migration begins to emerge. But pro-Brexit groups claim “betrayal”

    Towards the end of February, more clarity began to emerge about the UK’s policy on migration from the EU after it leaves in spring 2019.

  • Gildan to keep US apparel production

    Speaking on Gildan’s 2016 earnings call on February 23, the company’s executive vice president Rhodri Harries said Gildan has, since acquiring American Apparel, begun “leveraging our manufacturing network, while at the same time working on a supply chain to also support Made in the USA product”.

  • Taiwanese textile makers reviewing more investment in US

    In fairness, the actual story consists of:

  • Makalot policy on US policy split in $5bn-$10 bn 2017 capital investment programme

    Taiwan’s Makalot announced on February 9 a double-edged policy on the US in its 2017 “$5 bn – $10 bn” worldwide investment plans.

  • Why did industry forecasters miss 2016’s biggest story?

    I think the biggest event of 2016 for our industry was the outright opposition to international trade on which America’s Republican Party campaigned successfully in the Congressional elections.

  • Taiwan’s Eclat reviewing setting US plant – as it closes China production

    Taiwan’s  Eclat Textile, the country’s largest apparel manufacturer, announced on December 8 it  was closing its last Chinese production plant.

  • Everest Textile plans first production plant outside Asia – in North Carolina

    The Everest Textile subsidiary of Taiwan’s Far Eastern Group announced on December 6 it would invest $18.5 million in a new manufacturing plant in Forest City, North Carolina, creating 610 jobs over five years

  • Post Trump and Brexit: there’s more than one way to skin the international retailing cat

    While American voters were confounding practically all observers on November 8, on the other side of the Atlantic Britain’s Marks & Spencer unveiled a strategy that may be designed for a post-Brexit, post-Trump world.

  • Is UK apparel onshoring finally gaining momentum?

    Despite years of widely denied decline, British garment-making showed serious signs of a revival in the second half of 2015.

  • Gildan closes New York State facility

    The New York State plant formerly known as New Buffalo Shirt Factory will close on June 1, eliminating about 80 jobs.

  • For all the onshoring hype – US apparel jobs keep falling

    In the April 3 Sourcing Journal Online, I look at the continuing fall in US apparel making jobs.

  • US announces $150 mn public-private textile investment competition – as US textile and apparel jobs continue their decline.

    The US Department of Defense launched on March 18 a competition to form a new manufacturing hub focused on revolutionary fibre and textile technologies. The $75 million federal investment will be matched by more than $75 million of private sector resources.

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