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  • Top 20 clothing exporters remain unchanged as world clothing trade falls

    The volume of the $255 bn worth of clothing (measured in numbers of garments) imported in 2017 into the key developed countries (Japan, the US and EU – JUSEU) fell 3.1%, according to the 2017 edition of Clothesource Tradetrak.

  • East African governments seem to want ban on used clothing imports

    The heads of state of the five East African Community members agreed in late February to work out by their next  meeting how to promote their textile industries and stop the imported used clothing industry.

  • Three African regional groupings plan common free trade area

    Three  trade blocs covering East and Southern Africa agreed on October 25 to a common free trade area, probably called the Grand Free Trade Area, to be officially announced in mid-December. It will include 26 states in Eastern and Southern Africa

  • Japanese textile majors show interest in investing in Rwanda

    “We are here to express our appetite for Rwanda’s investment business” said Ishihara Hirotaka, Japanese Parliamentary Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, leading a group of over 20 Japanese companies, including Mitsubishi, Marubeni, and ITOCHU.  He said the group wanted to get first hand information on what is on offer in terms of investments.

  • Small factory in Rwanda becomes “next sourcing hotspot” in 24 hours

    The Rwandan government announced on July 13 a deal with a Chinese business to set up a 200-employee garment factory in its Kigali Special Economic Zone. Within 24 hours, the factory’s Chinese promoters were talking about “employing  more than 30,000 in the next 5 years.”