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  • US 2016 apparel imports fall in spite of year-end spurt. Price falls accelerated

    US apparel imports (in square metres) grew 3.4% in December 2016 over December 2015, though falls in the previous six months a 2016 annual fall of 1.1%.

  • Are apparel prices really rising?

    Just about every apparel industry commentator on the planet is constantly going on about rising cost prices. But do any of them look at what buyers are paying?

  • Chinese apparel exports hit hard as Eurozone and Japanese apparel imports tumble

    The US dollar value of Chinese apparel exports continued to fall in June. But, with exports to the UK and US remaining healthy, the fall seems mostly the result of the collapsing euro and yen.

  • Activists switch energy to Central American labour rights abuse claims

    A Honduras labour federation, the Federación Independiente de Trabajadores de Honduras – FITH – has resumed its lengthy fight against garment factory Petralex, this time over claims of suppressing union activity. 

  • Hanesbrands rated in Best Central American Places to Work

    The Great Place to Work Institute named Hanesbrands the third best multinational company to work for in Central America and the Caribbean.

  • US government “concerned” over Honduras labour law enforcement

    The US Department of Labor (DoL) raised serious concerns on February 27 about the effective enforcement of labour laws in Honduras  under the CAFTA-DR labour chapter.

  • Chinese apparel exports growth slows. But exports to EU growing faster than domestic market.

    Chinese apparel exports to the West grew faster in 2014 than other apparel exports and than domestic sales.

  • Hanesbrands adds 120 US knitting jobs

    Hanesbrands announced on January 26 it was adding 120 jobs to the 450 at its Clarksville, Arkansas, sheer hosiery plant in a $1.5mn expansion. A decade ago, the plant employed 480.

  • Rich country imports from Bangladesh continue slide in November as Vietnam looks 2014’s big success story

    Rich country garment imports from Bangladesh fell year on year in November for the third time in four months, as Bangladesh’s sales to the EU continued to fall – though far less than its rate of sales decline to the US. Rich country apparel imports, measured in square metres of fabric, grew 3% on November 2013, bringing import growth for the 11 months to 6.7%

  • Government corruption “worsening” in major garment exporting countries

    Public perception of government and public-sector corruption has recently worsened in virtually all major garment-making countries, according to the 2014 Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index.

  • August trade slowdown creates first Bangladesh import fall since 2012

    With slowing growth in the volume of garments the rich world imported in August, imports from Bangladesh showed the first year on year fall since before the Rana Plaza collapse.

  • Gildan to open new Honduras plant

    …announcing “plans for the construction of a new textile facility in the Rio Nance complex in Honduras to bridge capacity requirements until the start of the planned facility in Costa Rica.

  • Texas cotton growers sell off the former Koramsa as Delta Apparel moves fabric production from US to Honduras

    Plains Cotton Cooperative Association (PCCA), a US cotton growers’ cooperative said on June 9 it “looked forward to refocusing our efforts on our core businesses of cotton marketing, warehousing and software services for our members and customers” after selling the Denimatrix denim factory in the US and the jeans factory formerly called Koramsa to a newly formed US acquisitions vehicle owned by private equity.

  • Hondurans looking at how to bring electricity prices down

    …as market share slips

  • Honduras garment wages up 8% in 2014

    “compensation category is 6% in 2012, 7.25% in 2013 and 8% in 2014″.”