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  • Mexico says “we’ll quit NAFTA if Trump makes unreasonable demands”

    Mexico’s top trade negotiator said in an interview published on February 27 that he would walk away from the table if US negotiators threatened 20% duties on cars.

  • UK policy on post-Brexit migration begins to emerge. But pro-Brexit groups claim “betrayal”

    Towards the end of February, more clarity began to emerge about the UK’s policy on migration from the EU after it leaves in spring 2019.

  • Trumps confirms TPP withdrawal – but silent on renegotiating NAFTA or branding China a “currency manipulator”

    A November 21 video by Donald Trump seems to be backtracking on trade commitments made just four weeks earlier.

  • EU annual retail growth

    EU apparel and textile retail: first annual growth for years

    Sales (cash deflated by the rate of inflation) in the EU’s specialist apparel and textile stores grew 2.1% in 2014 over 2013 – the first growth since 2010.

  • Customer boycott lifted after Azim Group agrees to mend its ways

    A number of buyers – including VF, Gap, Li&Fung, PVH and El Corte Ingles – have agreed to lift their boycott of Bangladesh’s Azim Group after the garment maker agreed to stop obstructing union activities and to compensate union leaders beaten up by its management.

  • “Ali Enterprises fire was arson”: report

    February 6 press leaks claim the September 2012 fire at Ali Enterprises, Pakistan – which killed over 250 garment workers – was the result of arson  by a local political party after the factory rejected extortion demands .

  • “Nearshoring” decline mirrors “onshoring” reverse

    EU and US 2014 import data shows little support for frequently-made claims that growing interest in Fast Fashion  is moving apparel production to countries near the main EU and North American markets.

  • Cambodia garment strike disruption tumbles

    In the first nine months of 2014, the number of working days lost by strikes in Cambodia’s garment industry fell 40% from 2013, data from the  Garment Manufacturers’ association of Cambodia showed.

  • Cambodia’s highest-profile garment union leader “taking bribes” say rivals as courts hear violence charges

    Claims emerged on September 12 from rival Cambodian union leaders that the Free Trade Union (FTU) is “a corrupt network of factory owners filling the pockets of leader Chea Mony and his associates.” They follow  incitement charges against Mony,  his accusers and other union leaders.

  • US apparel import growth slows in July, as move from Zone of Uncertainty accelerates

    US apparel imports, measured in square metres of fabric, grew just 0.1% in July over July 2013. Though the month’s imports are partly distorted by the possibility of disputes at US docks, imports for the year to date are now up just 1.2%. Imports from the Zone of Uncertainity – the four countries (Cambodia, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Haiti) worrying US importers most –  fell exceptionally sharply

  • US and EU imports from neighbours begin to grow

    Though it has taken some time, US and EU apparel imports from their neighbours have finally begun to show consistent growth.

  • Chinese garment exports continue growth in Q1, as Bangladesh, Vietnam and Cambodia continue surge.

    Though China’s share of world garment exports fell in Q1, rapid growth in EU imports made up for the loss of Chinese imports by the US and Japan. The annual growth in rich country imports from Bangladesh, Cambodia and Vietnam all hovered near 20%, in spite of constant claims of export losses by factory owners  in Bangladesh and Cambodia.

  • EU apparel import growth Q1 2014

    EU apparel imports reach highest ever level in year to March 2014, as prices fall

    After several years of falls or sluggish growth, EU apparel imports for the year to March 2014 resumed rapid growth, overtaking the volume ever imported in any previous 12-month period. Average prices fell to about 2011 levels

  • Healthy March imports give clearer picture of key US sourcing trends

    US apparel imports in March grew 7.7% on March 2013, meaning imports for the first quarter grew 1.8% over Q1 2013. Onshoring appeared to lose share of the US apparel market

  • Second attempt at major Cambodian garment strike fizzles out

    For the second time in five weeks, a nationwide strike planned by eight Cambodian garment unions has failed to attract significant worker support.