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Just In refers to apparel sourcing stories in other media.

We have not yet checked these stories, or assessed their implications for the global garment trade. Some will turn into our news stories: others just stay here for later reference.

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  • May Sourcing Convulsions: EU

     Claims of imminent collapse looked silly by May. The real challenges needed trickier solutions

  • May Sourcing Convulsions: US

    Sanity in May? Most of the Trump team start getting practical

  • May Sourcing Convulsions: Brexit.

    May UK walk-out threats real, or pre-election blustering?

  • May Sourcing Convulsions – The Pacific.

    China’s view of free trade isn’t everyone else’s

  • EU adds Sri Lanka to GSP+ programme

    The European Union reinstated Sri Lanka to its GSP+ programme, a special arrangement under the Generalized Scheme of Preferences aimed at encouraging sustainable development and good governance, as from May 19

  • UK threatens walk-out as Brexit talks start date announced

    The EU’s General Affairs Council agreed its timetable and directives for Britain’s exit negotiations on May 22, as the major UK and EU negotiators appeared to take strongly conflicting positions on their content.

  • 11 Pacific nations decide to salvage TPP – but no firm timetable

    Japan and other members of the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreed on May 21 to pursue their trade deal – but were vague on the detail of what “pursue” meant.

  • US formally starts NAFTA renegotiation process

    US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer on May 17 formally notified Congress of the administration’s intention to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement with Canada and Mexico. The notification allows negotiations to start by mid-August.

  • Trump “tax plan” is a one-sided sheet of paper. With no comment on border taxes

    Donald Trump’s promised tax reform plan turned out on April 26 to be a content-free, single-sided, list of aspirations. The list made no mention of border taxes.

  • April’s new-found pragmatism drives May to June election

    At least the motivation looked pragmatic

  • Trump revolution goes pragmatic

    That’s how it looked at the end of April

  • Trump tax plan seems to rule out border taxes

    Donald Trump revealed he plans to announce major tax cuts by the end of April – but most commentators believe his announcement must delay any talk of border ta

  • Trump reneges on Chinese “currency manipulator” promises

    Donald Trump admitted on April 12 that he had no plans to honour public commitments he had repeatedly made to deal with the “currency manipulation” he insisted China was practising.

  • South African government investment to trigger more protectionism

    The South African government announced on April 6 its approval of R4.9 billion ($355 mn) for the clothing and textile sector “to create and save jobs” – but warned it would impose more protectionist pressure on buyers.

  • US Adminstration’s narcissism hits new high

    A late March Report from the office of the US Trade Representative gives an extraordinary insight into the self-centred paranoia of  the current US Administration.