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Just In refers to apparel sourcing stories in other media.

We have not yet checked these stories, or assessed their implications for the global garment trade. Some will turn into our news stories: others just stay here for later reference.

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  • ETI chooses Bangladesh for 360 degree buyer appraisal trial

    Buyers appraising suppliers in our industry? Most of us thought Hell would freeze over first.

  • Pakistan’s textile and clothing blames “democracy” for industry collapse

    Pakistan’s Punjab province has about twice the population of the UK – and once was the cotton-growing and textile manufacturing powerhouse of South Asia. Five years of spurious “democracy”,  and vanity projects have almost destroyed it   

  • Indian clothing production falls for tenth successive month

    The value of India’s clothing production fell 11% year on year in the latest month for which data is available (January 2018), while the value of its exports  was static in the year to April 2017, and fell slightly in the following eight months.

  • Women at forefront as Bangladeshi unions “grow fivefold” since 2013

    In spite of obstructions from factory owners, registered unions in Bangladesh have grown fivefold since 2013, said the US-based Workers’ Solidarity Centre on April 5.

  • 79% more garments from Cotton Made in Africa smallholders

    Cotton Made in Africa announced that the number of textile items made from cotton conforming to its standards grew 79% to 90 million in 2017. Around a million African smallholders produced half a million tonnes of conforming cotton during the year

  • Uniqlo growth beats most other majors

    Fast Retailing sales grew  17% year on year to Y1.12 trn ($11 bn) in the six months ending February, yielding $1.6 bn in pre-tax profit. Internet sales accounted for 7.5% of sales

  • Rule of law reborn in Bangladesh

    A Bangldeshi intelligence agent is convicted for killing a clothing union activist while a Pakistani government minister parties after burning 252 clothing workers alive.

  • Activists call for “immediate release” of Bangladeshi union members “held on false charges”. Days after they got bail

    The Clean Clothes Campaign (CCC) called on April 7 for the “immediate release” of union members charged with attempted murder on January 31.   The members had all been granted bail on April 5.

  • Controversy likely over Bangladesh Alliance succession plan

    With the Alliance  due to be would up by the end of 2018, plans for its successor are likely to become highly controversial over the next few months

  • World clothing trade slips

    The volume of clothing shipped into the main developed countries in 2017 fell 3.1% over 2016, says the 2017 edition of Clothesource Tradetrak.

  • Morgan Stanley upgrades Primark

    “Primark is being valued at less than 12 times’ its calendar year 2019 earnings – as opposed to 20 times’ over at Inditex.” it says

  • German consultancy finds 121 textile industry deaths in Surat over three years

    A German consultancy,  Südwind Institute for Economics and Ecumenism, has found 121 deaths in Surat’s textile industry between 2012 and 2015, and 114 in the three years to December 2017.

  • May Sourcing Convulsions: EU

     Claims of imminent collapse looked silly by May. The real challenges needed trickier solutions

  • May Sourcing Convulsions: US

    Sanity in May? Most of the Trump team start getting practical

  • May Sourcing Convulsions: Brexit.

    May UK walk-out threats real, or pre-election blustering?