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Just In refers to apparel sourcing stories in other media.

We have not yet checked these stories, or assessed their implications for the global garment trade. Some will turn into our news stories: others just stay here for later reference.

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  • Bangladesh: Paramount Textile IPO agreed

    First IPO for some time, though there have been stories of others pending as cash gets harder to raise

  • Zimbabwe begins reconstruction of garment and textile industries

    It’s a growing trend in a number of bigger African countries. Aimed at the domestic market more than exporting either to the West or to South Africa, as Zimbabwe, Malawi and the small bordering countries used to

  • US retailers “close to agreement” on Bangladesh plan

    But no hint whether that means days or months

  • Activists accuse BGMEA of whitewash over Rana Plaza enquiry

    Not so much whitewash, as just denying its own role. But the activists aren’t demonstrating it’s got anything to hide on this

  • Sacked Naroda textile workers fight for reinstatement

    Their union seems to have betrayed them

  • Pakistani trade association makes pitch for duty-free access to US

    …But offers the US not a single reason why Pakistan should get privileges denied to India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka

  • Stuart Rose thinks people “care about sustainability, about climate change”

    But he quotes no evidence. Saying M&S customerrs expected M&S to set an example isn’t the same thing as those customers showing any likelihood of rewarding sustainable businesses or punishing te others

  • Low-key US-India trade talks. Nothing significant decided

    Both sides have their plates full with trade talks that are going somewhere. Little chance of anything significant

  • Walmart India chief quits – apparently not amicably

    Unclear whether it’s Bentonville unhappy over bribery claims, or both jv partners unhappy over slow progress

  • Cambodian town governor, guilty of shooting garment workers, now evading capture

    Hard to see what he has to gain, but…

  • Six Danish retailers sign Bangladesh Safety Accord

    Several of whom were saying a couple of weeks ago they wouldn’t

  • Bangladeshis see queue of foreigners wanting to invest

    Though till now the government has hardly put out the welcome mat

  • Indian Textile minister nominates handloom weaving as priority in $20 billion export growth plan

    And fails to explain how handloom weaving will increase India’s T&C exports from $30 bn to $50 bn this year

  • Lulemon CEO resignation shows depth of customer loyalty to perceived sourcing standards

    At least some Lululemon customers think the CEO’s value were out of kilter with the brand. And got her sourcing policy wrong as a result