Clothesource Americas Trade Monitor reviews Central American garment manufacturing resources

The Clothesource Sourcing Monitor: Central America  provides the essential information about apparel manufacturing capabilities in Africa in the 35 major apparel categories and in over 100 countries.

For Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua and Peru making comparisons with China, the Monitor shows apparel manufacturing strengths, and price competitiveness in each of 35 major product categories and seven apparel business groups from 200. It  also shows raw material production and processing capacity, and summarise the import duty the US and EU impose on each country, as well as indicating precisely where more detailed information can be got on each of the different complex duty arrangements separately offered . The Monitors provide macroeconomic information on income and inflation and a summary of the logistic and ethical implications of work in the country

For 35 apparel product categories, the Monitor shows where the world’s major apparel importing countries – Japan, the US and EU – buy their garments from, how supplier countries’ share has evolved, how supplier countries’ price competitiveness varies between countries, and how countries’ price competitiveness has changed from the abolition of textile quotas at the end of 2004

The Clothesource World Apparel Sourcing Monitor provides the essential information about every manufacturing country’s capabilities, competitiveness and effectiveness since quotas were removed in 2005.

Regional Monitors are GBP 700 each. Buyers of any two regional or product category Monitors may buy the whole Worldwide, all-category, Monitor, or a further GBP 450

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