New Clothesource Guide makes Trade Regulations easier to understand

The new Clothesource Guide to Apparel Trade Regulations makes it easy to understand what rules apply to most cross-border trade in garments.

Trade Regulations on apparel aren’t really supposed to be difficult to understand. They’re just complicated

But understanding them has never been so important. Many traders expect further EU or US barriers against China to be built, the EU, Japan and Australia are stepping up the pace of duty-free trading with South East Asia, the US is trying to speed up talk about its ambitious Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) plan, EU is getting closer to free trade with India and more and more emerging-market garment makers want their government to get duty-free access to major importers.

Having a grasp of what’s really happening with trade rules is crucial for anyone reviewing their strategies to 2016, like:

–          Businesses in developed countries looking at garment sources

–          Businesses in emerging countries looking at their selling strategies

–          Anybody advising garment buyers or sellers, or representing them – such as governments, trade associations, or consultants

The Clothesource Guide to Apparel Trade Regulations 2014.1 doesn’t just explain current trade rules.

This edition of the Guide looks at the rules imposed by Japan, Canada and Australia as well as the EU and US. But as well,

–  It surveys the state of negotiations on all proposed rule changes by Western importers currently under discussion and likely to come into effect by the end of 2015 – such as the Trans Pacific Partnership, and Europe’s review of countries eligible for GSP and GSP Plus

– It forecasts which will be implemented between now and 2016

The Guide then explains the rules in language ordinary businesspeople can understand, and gives references to where details can be found. It  looks at the commercial significance of those rules to the garment and textile industry, making it easy to find, for example, countries with identical rules for duty-free access to both the EU and US.

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