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26th February 2016

Is Primark pioneering a new wave of retail efficiency?

Has Primark identified the direction apparel retailers should be looking – or are US commentators right to claim the business is fundamentally flawed? Earlier this month, I stressed the importance of...

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22nd May 2013

How insular can a global retailer be?

As businesses get more global, it seems self-evident they need to understand the nuances of global markets better. From their dogmatic fundamentalism in attacking the Bangladesh Accord, many US retailers...

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9th January 2009

US sales stop getting worse – for now at least

The Clothesource US Clothing Sales Index got 27% better in December – though most media tried their best to keep it secret. Like for like sales at the 16 largest...

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7th November 2008

What’s happened to Hollister?

Is it really that difficult to open a shop? Possibly. Difficult to tell whether it's open? Impossible if you're a hapless British retail journalist."Abercrombie & Fitch fashion brand Hollister finally...

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