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10th December 2020

Stop blaming Amazon

Just Style recently asked me to comment on why Arcadia collapsed. It can't be Amazon stealing its business, because Amazon's Luxembourg accounts show how it's a model of honesty. The...

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25th October 2018

Amazon Q3 retail sales “surprisingly weak”

Although Amazon announced third quarter sales 2017 were "up 29%" its retail sales were surprisingly weak - and its profits from retail outside North America may not have improved as...

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23rd October 2018

Confusion over Amazon’s share of US clothing market

Estimating how Amazon ranks in the US clothing market is tricky - and often leads to real overstatements. With their Q3 results about to be announced, it's worth looking at...

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22nd October 2018

Amazon Europe losses greater than Sears

The 2017 near-billion dollar losses that tipped Sears into its bankruptcy filing were about the same as Amazon’s losses on European retail alone. Sears lost $981mn in 2017.  Slightly less...

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22nd October 2018

Sears bankruptcy: don’t credit Amazon

Many observers claim Sears recently filed for bankruptcy because it couldn't compete with Amazon. But we believe the effect of Amazon – and other online retailers - on Sears is...

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14th October 2018

Amazon Europe losses “bigger than Sears”

Amazon Europe's 2017 losses on retailing in Europe were greater than Sears' average annual losses for the past five years. Data exclusively revealed by Clothesource reveals disturbingly high European losses

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11th October 2018

US Postal Service ups e-commerce rates

The US Postal Service announced rate increases on October 11 that disproportionately increased the costs Amazon has to bear. The announcement was made just months after self-styled experts at a...

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4th October 2018

US retailer shares drop after Amazon minimum wage rise

But no retailer explains why Amazon's increasing warehouse wages to local going rate is bad for real retailers

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2nd February 2018

Losses at Amazon’s non-US retail almost treble to $3.1 billion

Losses in the Amazon retail business outside North America soared in 2017 to $3.1 billion - possibly the largest retail loss ever recorded. Sales and income ($bn) have been: The...

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24th October 2016

Has Peak Internet hit Britain’s clothing stores?

Between June and September 2016, something hit UK clothing stores that I don’t think’s ever happened in the history of selling clothes, anywhere, ever before. The internet’s share fell, consistently....

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30th July 2015

UK makes supply chain transparency mandatory for almost all businesses. Wherever they are

In our view, the UK government's Modern Slavery Act has profound implications for virtually all major garment buyers, sellers and manufacturers - however small their UK sales are. The UK...

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