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10th December 2020

Stop blaming Amazon

Just Style recently asked me to comment on why Arcadia collapsed. It can't be Amazon stealing its business, because Amazon's Luxembourg accounts show how it's a model of honesty. The...

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9th July 2018

Philip Green: “life undone by abject greed”

A biography published today of Arcadia owner, Philip Green, describes his life as “ambition undone by abject greed”.

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4th October 2013

C&A belies closure rumours, as fashion chains invade Brazil

C&A, Brazil's leading fashion  retailer, appeared to quash last year's closure rumours by opening 30 new Brazilian stores in 2013, bringing its total in the country to 260. C&A opened 26...

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17th September 2013

Arcadia signs Bangladesh Accord, as pressure continues on UK retailers

The UK's Arcadia announced on September 12 it had signed the Bangladesh Accord - almost four months to the day after it had announced it would sign "on the condition...

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22nd May 2013

How insular can a global retailer be?

As businesses get more global, it seems self-evident they need to understand the nuances of global markets better. From their dogmatic fundamentalism in attacking the Bangladesh Accord, many US retailers...

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17th May 2013

Gap, Walmart and the AFBSB are the last things to demonise over factory safety

It’s as silly to demonise Gap and Walmart for not signing the Accord on Fire & Building Safety in Bangladesh (AFBSB) as to think it differentiates European and US attitudes...

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12th February 2011

UK “manufacturing renaissance” held back by skills shortage

The UK's Arcadia has added substance to UK media claims that British apparel "manufacturers are experiencing the green shoots of a renaissance as brands and retailers spurn overseas suppliers". But...

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16th August 2010

Can clothing stores run countries better than governments?

Britain's new government seems suddenly to have fallen in love with the men who run the country's apparel chains. And the silliness of much reaction to this shows how limited...

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