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9th November 2016

Post Trump and Brexit: there’s more than one way to skin the international retailing cat

While American voters were confounding practically all observers on November 8, on the other side of the Atlantic Britain’s Marks & Spencer unveiled a strategy that may be designed for...

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22nd July 2016

How does a CANZ-UK FTA stack up?

As the UK government prepares the ground for new post-Brexit free trade deals, the first published ideas deal with Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Earlier this month, Liam Fox, the...

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27th June 2016

How Britain’s apparel industry should react to Brexit

Most British comment about Brexit right now comes from grieving Remainers or Leavers who can’t believe their luck. Our industry must start planning to minimise the damage. There are six things...

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24th June 2016

Brexit: is it a disaster?

At 5 am today, UK voters for Brexit gained a majority.    British apparel brands and retailers can benefit - but only if they sharpen up their acts. For the...

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7th March 2016

Might Brexit be brighter for Britain’s garment industry?

There are arguments both ways. Pity no-one's making the arguments why staying in probably helps our industry more than leaving. The British will vote on 23 June whether to stay...

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