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1st April 2018

Top 20 clothing exporters remain unchanged as world clothing trade falls

The volume of the $255 bn worth of clothing (measured in numbers of garments) imported in 2017 into the key developed countries (Japan, the US and EU - JUSEU) fell...

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28th March 2017

Burma best-performing major 2016 supplier: Cambodia, India, Philippines and Morocco do worst

Burma showed the strongest growth among apparel suppliers to developed countries in 2016, as the total volume shipped worldwide fell for the first time in five years . Clothesource Tradetrak measures...

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24th February 2017

Myanmar sets up new minimum wage committee

The government in Myanmar has set up a new committee on minimum wages, local media reported  on February 23. The committee, which will include "financial experts, ministries and representatives from...

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20th March 2015

Burmese garment factory violence: “South Korean embassy behind police violence”

For the second time in fifteen months, claims have emerged that the South Korean embassy in an underdeveloped SE Asian country called for then police intervention in a garment strike...

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24th February 2015

Burmese strikers still sitting in outside Rangoon garment factory after police break up protest

Burmese authorities said on February 24 that a sit-in was still going on outside a factory after police broke up strikers' demonstrations near Rangoon on February 20. Several protesting workers from...

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21st January 2015

Rich country imports from Bangladesh continue slide in November as Vietnam looks 2014’s big success story

Rich country garment imports from Bangladesh fell year on year in November for the third time in four months, as Bangladesh's sales to the EU continued to fall - though...

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31st December 2014

Burma misses self-imposed 2014 minimum wage deadline for negotiations

Though the Burmese Ministry of Labour promised in late November that a national "minimum wage would be in place by the end of the year [2014]", it admitted on December...

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2nd December 2014

Transparency International getting closer to Garment Industry Transparency Initiative in Bangladesh and Burma

Transparency International (TI) moved a step closer to a Garment Industry Transparency Initiative (GITI) on November 30 when Iftekharuzzaman, its Bangladesh executive director announced plans for a 2015 pilot in Bangladesh...

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26th November 2014

Which garment-making country gets most natural disasters?

"Some investors are worrying the [garment] industry has reached saturation in Bangladesh, which is also prone to man-made and natural disasters," says the Myanmar Times. Talk about pots calling kettles...

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5th November 2014

Japanese apparel import collapse slows in September

The rate Japan's apparel imports are falling, measured in fabric square metreage, slowed in September to 1.1% - almost the slowest decline in any month this year. China's share rose...

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2nd November 2014

Burmese garment making starts normalising

Burmese garment makers began in October to start absorbing a tidal wave of external initiatives designed to help them operate like elsewhere. The government’s committee for determining a minimum wage...

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26th October 2014

Are Japanese firms changing their apparel sourcing policy?

Did Japanese importers' decision to move sourcing away from China drive their prices up? And are they now changing their minds? In 2011, China accounted for 87% of Japan's apparel...

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