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11th June 2015

Germany’s Sustainable Textiles Partnership buyer membership growing

Germany's Partnership for Sustainable Textiles has dramatically increased its support among German garment buyers. The Otto Group -  on some measures, Germany's largest textiles retailer -   announced on June 2...

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11th November 2014

C&A Foundation new strategy concentrates on sustainable apparel supply chain

The C&A Foundation launched a new global strategy concentrating on the textle and garment supply chains at the November 11 Textile Exchange Conference in Portland, Oregon. The foundation’s executive director, Leslie...

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29th October 2014

“Modern slavery”: Activists want tougher UK duty of disclosure on slavery-free supply chains

The UK government announced on October 13 that larger businesses will have to state publicly each year what action they have taken to ensure their supply chains are slavery free. The...

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26th September 2014

Cambodian government gets subtly different pressures from foreign buyers and unions over minimum wages

In separate mid-September letters to the Cambodian government, a group of European buyers and the major international union federations pushed for surprisingly similar, but still different, approaches to setting Cambodia's...

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14th May 2013

Did May 13 transform Bangladesh forever?

May 13 saw more dramatic changes on more fronts in Bangladesh than any single month I’ve ever witnessed. How much of it matters? Let’s recap. During an event-packed day:  ...

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17th March 2011

Clothing industry majors launch sustainable apparel coalition

A group of leading apparel and footwear brands, retailers, manufacturers, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), academic experts, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency launched the Sustainable Apparel Coalition on March 1. The...

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8th March 2010

Dubious “fake organic cotton” claims reveal bigger problem

After the German edition of the Financial Times claimed in January widespread complicity in faking organic cotton among European retailers, practically everyone involved in the story is now claiming to...

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27th January 2010

“Ethical” cotton business hit as “30% of organic cotton garments include GM”

Allegations emerged during January of widespread fraud in certifying organic cotton, and of disappointing fairtrade cotton sales in the UK.. The German edition of the Financial Times reported on January...

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7th March 2009

How to go bust in apparel retailing – 4: The wrong move abroad

For really awful advice, it's hard to beat a consultant gibbering about setting up shop overseas. Here's the fourth certain route to bankruptcy in a recession: 4.Focus on international growth...

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