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28th March 2017

Burma best-performing major 2016 supplier: Cambodia, India, Philippines and Morocco do worst

Burma showed the strongest growth among apparel suppliers to developed countries in 2016, as the total volume shipped worldwide fell for the first time in five years . Clothesource Tradetrak measures...

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7th February 2017

US 2016 apparel imports fall in spite of year-end spurt. Price falls accelerated

US apparel imports (in square metres) grew 3.4% in December 2016 over December 2015, though falls in the previous six months a 2016 annual fall of 1.1%. Average prices per square metre...

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12th February 2016

Are apparel prices really rising?

Just about every apparel industry commentator on the planet is constantly going on about rising cost prices. But do any of them look at what buyers are paying? In the year to...

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5th November 2015

US September imports continue growth trend

US apparel imports in September, measured in square metres of apparel, grew 4.8%, bringing growth in the moving annual total (MAT)  to September to 6.1%. As in most Septembers, China's...

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28th July 2015

Chinese apparel exports hit hard as Eurozone and Japanese apparel imports tumble

The US dollar value of Chinese apparel exports continued to fall in June. But, with exports to the UK and US remaining healthy, the fall seems mostly the result of...

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19th June 2015

China almost hardest hit as April rich-country garment imports drop.

Rich-country apparel imports from China fell particularly fast in April, as rich country imports overall were hit by sharp declines in the EU and Japan. Overall, rich-country apparel imports in...

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27th May 2015

Cambodian days lost to strikes fall 80%. But owners still find something to whine about.

The number of days lost for strikes in Cambodia's garment industry fell 80% between Jan-April 2014 and Jan-April 2015, to the second lowest number since 2005. But trade association GMAC...

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22nd May 2015

A sensible take on Cambodian garment wages

It's easy to see poor country wage arguments just from the viewpoint of buyers, workers or their supporters. But here's how a commentator on development sees it. Cambodia can't create...

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19th May 2015

“At least” 21 garment workers killed in another Cambodian road crash

In the second major road accident in two weeks, "at least 21" Cambodian garment workers were reported killed on May 19 when the van they were travelling in on their way to...

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6th May 2015

US apparel imports return to normal growth in first quarter

US apparel imports (measured in square metres of apparel) appeared to soar 20% in March over March 2014 after erratic movements earlier in the year. For the first three months...

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2nd March 2015

Cambodia directive cuts overtime

Cambodia reportedly issued a directive on March 1,  limiting overtime to two hours a day. The directive, signed by Labor Minister Ith Samheng, added that factories should ask for permission...

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1st March 2015

Cambodian problems persist in wage differentials disputes

Protests continued on February 27 over  the attempt  by Youngor's Smart Shirts Cambodia to exclude workers organising protests over wage differentials. A similar dispute at Itochu's Quantum Clothing caused relatively peaceful clashes on...

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