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17th November 2016

Trade with China. Triumph of hope over experience?

The British Brexit debate, and the aftermath of Trump's election, are bringing out widely contrasting views of China as a business partner. Some are hopelessly naive. British hope One of...

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9th November 2016

Trump’s victory certainly doesn’t increase trading uncertainty.

Practically every observer thought Hillary Clinton would win the US Presidential election this morning. Most went on to predict her mild hostility to further trade liberalisation meant the short-term prospects...

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10th August 2016

China halts decline in US sales

US apparel imports from China - measured in square metres of apparel - grew during the second quarter of 2016 0,9% over the same period in 2015, after widespread misunderstandings...

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7th June 2016

No other country’s going to step into China’s shoes

In the first three months of this year, we saw a massive drop in Chinese apparel exports to the US. It doesn't mean the end of China's dominance. There's a...

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19th May 2016

China’s mythical apparel export slump

China's alleged "slump" is turning into opur industry's greatest excuse for misguided thinking. Burberry, The Sunday Times told us earlier this month, will announce a 7% fall in its 2015...

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12th February 2016

Are apparel prices really rising?

Just about every apparel industry commentator on the planet is constantly going on about rising cost prices. But do any of them look at what buyers are paying? In the year to...

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5th November 2015

US September imports continue growth trend

US apparel imports in September, measured in square metres of apparel, grew 4.8%, bringing growth in the moving annual total (MAT)  to September to 6.1%. As in most Septembers, China's...

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11th August 2015

First “currency war” theats as Chinese devaluation worries rest of world

Threats of retaliation against China were mounting as a 1.9% devaluation announced on August 11 turned into a 4.4% fall by August 14. The devaluations followed a July 8.3%year-on-year fall...

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28th July 2015

Chinese apparel exports hit hard as Eurozone and Japanese apparel imports tumble

The US dollar value of Chinese apparel exports continued to fall in June. But, with exports to the UK and US remaining healthy, the fall seems mostly the result of...

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19th June 2015

China almost hardest hit as April rich-country garment imports drop.

Rich-country apparel imports from China fell particularly fast in April, as rich country imports overall were hit by sharp declines in the EU and Japan. Overall, rich-country apparel imports in...

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1st June 2015

Currency manipulation claims “are a charade”

...says Yale  lecturer Stephen Roach, after a week in which the IMF rejected claims that China is manipulating its currency - but half the US Senate continued to vote for...

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30th May 2015

China reduces some import duty

China will halve its import duty on some products, including fur coats and suits, from June 1, its Ministry of Finance announced on May 25. The cuts will affect fur...

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