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20th May 2015

Chinese apparel export decline continues into April

The US dollar value of China's apparel exports reportedly fell 10.6% in April over April 2014. This is the first substantial year on rear decline for several years in a...

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6th May 2015

US apparel imports return to normal growth in first quarter

US apparel imports (measured in square metres of apparel) appeared to soar 20% in March over March 2014 after erratic movements earlier in the year. For the first three months...

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20th April 2015

Flying geese don’t mean the Chinese are leaving home

One of the biggest myths of modern sourcing is that Chinese  garment manufacturers are leaving China. My op-ed in the April 21 Sourcing Journal Online exposes the myth. In 2002,...

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15th April 2015

Confusion over direction of Chinese apparel exports

The value of China's apparel exports (expressed as US dollars) in March fell 20.2% on March 2014, meaning the country's apparel exports for the first (Jan-March) quarter rose 1.6% on...

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3rd April 2015

Port delays cut US February imports less than predicted. But Asians hit.

US apparel imports in February grew 0.2% on February 2014, in spite of West Coast port delays. Imports from Asia remained depressed - but  far less than widely-quoted indicators were...

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11th March 2015

For most of our lifetimes – foreign trade will matter far more to China than to the US

In this week's Sourcing Journal Online Op-Ed, I've looked at the contrast between US attitudes to foreign trade infrastructure ("If we must, fine. As long as it doesn't cost") and...

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11th March 2015

China gets excited about free trade agreements

China will accelerate talks over free trade areas, said its Commerce Minister Gao Hucheng on March 8. The country will "will accelerate talks over free trade areas with Japan and...

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8th March 2015

East Asian apparel exports appear to boom in first two months of 2015

Preliminary reports of apparel exports from China and Vietnam appear to show real annual growth in January and February, in spite of fears that US port disruption might have depressed...

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25th February 2015

Korea and China initial FTA

Korea and China initialled a Free Trade Agreement on February 25,  the Korean Ministry of Trade said, adding "The two countries' governments have agreed to work for official signing...within the...

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12th February 2015

US launches WTO complaint against China’s “Demonstration Bases” export subsidies

In a move probably aimed above all at US politicians, the US government announced on February 11 the first steps in a formal WTO case against Chinese export subsidies for...

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9th February 2015

2014’s Next Big Things that weren’t.3, Part 4: China’s “new normal” and competitiveness

China's rulers are fond of talking about the "New Normal," and the idea does have some downsides. Some  of those downsides might impede the garment industry's competitiveness. But they haven't...

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6th February 2015

2014’s Next Big Things that weren’t.3, Part 3: China’s mass relocation

The next set of misguided predictions in 2014 - usually presented as outright facts - were that the world was populated by Chinese garment and textile tycoons desperate to escape...

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