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30th June 2014

“100% of 2014 Cambodian garment strikes fail to meet legal requirements”: United Nations

All 108 Cambodian garment  strikes recorded at factories inspected in the year to April 2014 "failed to meet at least one of the legal requirements", said the Better Factories Cambodia...

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7th January 2014

Li & Fung turns factory support services into business unit

Li & Fung announced the launch of a Vendor Support Services business unit on January 6, as it continues to diversify its revenue from buyer-paid commissions on procurement and improve...

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22nd October 2013

Better Work programme to launch in Bangladesh

The Better Work programme will begin operations in Bangladesh, and expects to start its first audits in Spring 2014, though its launch announcement appears to envisage a short term programme...

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18th October 2013

Buyers to trade association: “Stop undermining Better Factories Cambodia programme”

Thirteen major buyers have written to Cambodia's garment trade association, telling it to "make no further effort to undermine" the UN's Better Factories Cambodia (BFC) programme of factory audits. The...

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17th October 2013

Has Cambodia’s garment trade association simply gone mad?

Cambodian garment makers' hostility to Better Factories Cambodia publishing their audits is beginning to look like the most foolish policy this industry has ever seen. Counter-productive behaviour by trade associations...

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5th October 2013

Row over “more transparent” audit reports from the ILO’s Better Factories Cambodia programme

Cambodia government officials and some manufacturers have expressed worries that the ILO's new, more transparent, policy on publishing  audits of garment factory and union compliance could "damage the industry’s reputation...

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4th October 2013

Social compliance “weaker in Western China”: Audit company

AsiaInspection, a Hong Kong-based inspection company claimed in its quarterly press release on October 4 that scores on factory inspections in Western China during 2013 have been the lowest in...

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9th August 2013

Activist attacks on audits continue, though some more credible than others

Activists continued their attacks on the whole principle of supplier auditing throughout July. Some attacks made important points: others just continued to repeat the same complaints and at least one...

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25th June 2013

BGMEA calls for unified code of conduct as activists show confusion

The confusion over factory safety has highlighted the similar confusion about what codes try to certify, and the frustration many factory owners feel at conflicting demands .   One group...

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10th May 2013

US unions call social audits “façade” as Bangladesh cracks first show

With extraordinarily ironic timing, America's AFL-CIO published a passionate attack on the auditing system at 0700 EDT on April 23 (1700 Bangladesh time) - precisely as cracks in the Rana...

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21st September 2012

Karachi factory “had SA 8000 certification” as death toll from Black Tuesday tops 300

The Ali Enterprises garment factory in Karachi where 289 people were killed on September 11 had been given an SA 8000 certification by an affiliate of Social Accountability International just...

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