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1st October 2018

Responsible Sourcing Network launches Turkmenistan Cotton Pledge

Twelve brands and retailers have signed the Turkmenistan Cotton Pledge, launched today by the Responsible Souring Network. 

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10th February 2015

Nigeria’s stuttering cotton projects show vulnerabilities of ambitious national plans

Nigeria illustrates the importance, if a country wants a strategy, of joining it all up Nigeria - the heaviest-populated country to be completely outside the global textile and garment industry...

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1st February 2015

China’s cotton policy: a self-inflicted wound?

However glad I am I don't live in China, I really do believe China's government gets its political and economic judgements about what's right for the people of China a...

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1st February 2015

In Xinjiang, containing disorder might risk creating even more.

China sees Xinjiang as a political problem and a commercial opportunity, especially for its textile and clothing industry. It may be messing both up. Developing China’s far Western (and largest...

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6th January 2015

Egypt to abolish cotton subsidy

The Egyptian government announced in early January its decision to end subsidies to cotton growers. Growers denounced the decision, many claiming it meant the end of Egyptian cotton growing. The...

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9th January 2014

Uzbek investment programme “will eliminate forced labour”

The Uzbek government announced on December 24 a contract to buy nearly 25,000 mini-tractors as part of a project to harvest "up to 90%" of its cotton over the next...

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5th January 2014

Bangladesh “Uzbek cotton” initiative founders on slow-moving bureaucracy

In September 2013, Western retailers worried Bangladesh's flirting with an offer of Uzbek cotton would breach their boycott. It now turns out the  offer has been stuck in Bangladesh's bureaucracy...

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27th December 2013

Cotton Leads announces 30 signatories

Cotton Leads, a promotional device for US and Australian cotton growers, announced 30 participants - none of them retailers or major brands - on December 20, after the programme's mid-October...

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12th December 2013

Mozambique’s Riopele Textil reopening delayed by power shortages

Mozambique's Riopele Textil, closed since 2004, will resume yarn spinning in March - after restarting operations had to be postponed because of power shortages. Mozambique Cotton Manufacturers (MCM),   a consortium formed...

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30th November 2013

China sees little response as it starts cutting cotton reserves

China sold just half the 24,000 tonnes of cotton it announced on November 27 it would begin auctioning off to cut its 10 million tonne reserve - which now amounts...

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28th November 2013

Cotton: China “now biggest subsidiser”. And India’s catching up

China is now spending nearly four times as much subsidising its cotton farmers as the US - and damaging the economies of the world's poorest countries, says the influential International Centre...

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2nd October 2013

Peruvians at loggerheads over cotton policy

Peru's garment makers believe their competitiveness would be badly undermined if suggestions to impose penal duty on subsidised American cotton imports were accepted. Peru's weavers and garment makers get 60%...

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