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15th February 2015

European 2014 apparel production continues fall, while imports grow

Apparel production in the EU fell 1.2% during 2014 compared to 2013, EU data released on February 12 shows, while the latest available data shows apparel imports grew 3.9%. The...

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17th June 2014

Must Group Bahrain workers return to work after closure and deportation threat

2,000 workers at the Bahrain operations of the Hong Kong based Must Group returned to work on June 17 after a week-long strike in which the holding company announced it would close...

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19th March 2014

“High potential” sourcing areas continue to decline

Manufacturing regions widely tipped for apparel growth disappointed in 2013. Both the US and EU continued to source a declining share of their apparel from their immediate neighbours, while Africa...

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19th December 2013

EU apparel imports continue climbing, while nearshore share falls to lowest-ever

Apparel imports into the EU continued their strong growth in October, with EU  imports for 2013 to date now  7.9% up on the same period in 2012, while US growth...

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29th November 2013

Still no sign of any net new nearshoring

Immediate neighbours provided a smaller share of both EU and US apparel imports in Q3 of 2013. Between 2008 and 2012, Central America’s share of US apparel imports consistently fell....

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6th November 2013

EU vote poses possibility of GSP+ extensions being rejected

A vote at a little publicised EU committee on November 5 raised the slight possibility the Union's plan for adding ten new beneficiaries to its duty-free GSP+ concession from January...

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8th October 2013

Former Bosnian garment workers on hunger strike

50 former employees, all women, of the bankrupt Borac Zenica garment factory in Bosnia held a hunger strike outside the country's High Court building on October 7. Nezira Karic, one...

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3rd October 2013

Bosnia starts looking cheerful – but is it realistic?

Bosnians began making cheerful forecasts about their garment industry in September - but its trade association showed signs of growing lack of realism. On October 2, its government reportedly received...

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11th September 2013

“Versace, Prada, Armani and Moschino to manufacture in Nagorno-Karabakh”

Armenian media reported on September 11 that a group of Italian high-fashion brands had visited the breakaway Azeri province of Nagorno-Karabakh to review starting garment production. The visit is part...

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7th August 2013

Euromed unrest has limited effect on garment business

Unrest in early summer throughout much of Europe’s Muslim neighbours seems to have had limited effect on their garment exports. Textile and garment production in Syria, which was once a...

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8th June 2013

Trade Rules

The Clothesource Guide to Apparel Trade Rules is the definitive account of the rules relating to cross-border apparel trading Updated twice a year, it summarises the rules in easy to...

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5th June 2013

Algeria agrees with Turkish firm to build an $800 mn textiles cluster

Turkey’s Taypa signed an $800-$900 mn programme to build a textiles cluster in Algeria on May 16. The Société de Gestion des Participations Industries Manufacturières (SGP-IM), an Algerian state holding...

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