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2nd February 2010

Interest in Ethiopia seems to be mounting

Turkey's Selentex, a yarn spinner, has proposed moving its equipment to Turkey and establishing a new factory. It has asked the Ethiopian government to provide the factory, in return for...

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29th November 2009

The Big Issues right now

Here's the big stories in the latest SourceChinese and Vietnamese unions start to flex their musclesRoutine worker disputes at a Chinese Triumph lingerie factory and at apparel factories in Haiphong...

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23rd February 2009

The endless quest for the next sourcing hotspot

We were asked it again the other day. "Where's the next apparel sourcing hotspot?" said a potential new client.And, as always, she just refused to believe the answer. Which for...

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23rd September 2008

Ethiopia has precise objectives – but reality far distant

Ethiopia earned $14.8 mn from textile and apparel exports in 2007/8, against a national target of $64 mn. Nonetheless, its government still expects $500 mn income by 2011, and has...

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21st September 2008

Everyone wants a clothes industry

At a time most people think buyers are trying to reduce the number of countries they're buying from, it's amazing how many new countries want to jump in the bandwaggon....

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15th May 2008

China to construct Ethiopia’s first private industrial zone

Ethiopia on March 16 signed an agreement with a Chinese company for the construction of its first private industrial zone. Jiangsu Qiyuan Investment Group will construct the zone in Dukem,...

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21st May 2007

Ethiopian entrepreneur to establish factory

An Ethiopian entrepreneur is to establish a Textile Factory in Debre Zeit town State at a cost of $50mn, the Ethiopian News Agency reported. The construction of the physical plant...

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21st March 2007

Chinese to lease Ethiopia’s Bahir Dar Textile

Ethiopia’s Privatisation and Public Enterprises Supervising Agency (PPESA) has concluded a five-year lease contract for the Bahir Dar Textile Factory with a Chinese company, after a series of disappointments in...

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21st March 2007

Italy to support Ethiopian industry

Ethiopia’s Akaki garment factory, recently privatised will be the first company to benefit from the Ethio-Italian aid programme which aims at supporting the textile sector with a grant of $10mn....

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