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18th October 2018

UK Q3 2018 physical store growth “fastest since 2014”

UK retail sales through physical stores in the 12 months to September 2018 grew at their fastest rate (7.2%)  since 2014, the country's Office for National Statistics announced on October...

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24th December 2016

Great article Tara – but it’s not just millennials clothes shops annoy these days

The problem with modern apparel shops is that, when it comes to annoying their customers, they’re such equal-opportunity pains in the rear. Tara Donaldson wrote a terrific article on Sourcing...

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6th March 2015

EU apparel and textile retail: first annual growth for years

Sales (cash deflated by the rate of inflation) in the EU's specialist apparel and textile stores grew 2.1% in 2014 over 2013 - the first growth since 2010. Sales grew...

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5th February 2015

EU 2014 apparel retail sales growth looks highest since 2010

With positive volume growth for 2014 in sales at specialist German, Spanish and British apparel stores, it looks as if sales across the whole of the EU will show real...

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23rd July 2014

Global garment imports slow in May

Rich country annual apparel import growth fell in May to 1.2% - among the slowest monthly increases since late 2012 - as strong growth in European imports was balanced by...

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22nd June 2014

China apparel imports’ 20% growth in 2013 is worth less than a sixth the value of EU import growth.

The dollar value of China's apparel imports grew 21% in 2013 to $4.2 bn, or slightly more than Saudi Arabia and a lot less than Switzerland. The cash value of...

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20th June 2014

Major retail markets show converging apparel growth

The four major world apparel retail markets showed converging growth rates in the first quarter, with European growth accelerating while Chinese growth in the first quarter fell to a third...

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24th January 2014

Clothing inflation hits all markets in December – but clothes still getting relatively cheaper

For the first time this century, retail apparel prices rose in 2013 in the world's four main apparel markets. But in all four, apparel inflation was lower than for consumer...

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28th October 2013

World apparel imports in August “fastest growth for years” as Central Americans turn positive

Rich-country annual apparel import growth in August was among the fastest we have ever recorded fora single month, as EU apparel import growth continued to increase in August, though US import...

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21st October 2013

EU apparel imports up as sales start turning round

EU apparel imports continued to grow year on year in July, as their EU average import price continued falling, China's share began growing again and European retail volumes began to...

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16th June 2013

European buyers show signs of increasing volumes as Chinese export data stabilises

European apparel importers resumed the growth in purchases during early 2013 that had been visible, briefly, during autumn 2012, as prices continued below the levels of the year before, and...

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10th May 2013

Buyer groups keep on claiming garment imports “support jobs”

Two similar consortia on either side of the Atlantic have published more studies trying to convince someone that garment imports support substantial numbers of rich-country jobs. Readers of this newsletter...

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