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17th February 2015

More Cambodian faintings

The Svay Rieng provincial labour department on February 16 ordered a Taiwanese-owned garment factory to temporarily close and improve its ventilation after more than 100 workers collapsed in two separate...

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17th January 2015

Hong Kong activists claim Luen Thai and Pacific Textile “putting workers’ lives in danger”

Hong Kong-based labour rights group Students and Scholars Against Corporate Misbehaviour (Sacom) launched a highly critical report on working conditions at Luen Thai and Pacific Textiles plants in Guangdong on...

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23rd October 2014

New Cambodian scare over factories’ structural integrity

Cambodian media reported on October 23 that a pilot study of local garment factories carried out in June showed “building construction and design” as the country's biggest safety risk, mainly...

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28th July 2014

Fire deaths at “model” Pakistani textile plant and Cambodian Better Factories listed garment factory

Two bodies were found on July 27 in the debris of a burned-out Pakistani garment factory, once held up as a model of fire safety. About the same time, a...

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30th June 2014

“100% of 2014 Cambodian garment strikes fail to meet legal requirements”: United Nations

All 108 Cambodian garment  strikes recorded at factories inspected in the year to April 2014 "failed to meet at least one of the legal requirements", said the Better Factories Cambodia...

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19th June 2014

Bangladesh Accord-Alliance-government squabble

The Bangladesh government will not, for now, allow unsatisfactory Accord/Alliance factory inspections to trigger factory closures, and the Accord continues to insist on re-inspecting factories the Alliance has already checked....

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27th March 2014

“At least 11” killed in Chinese bra factory fire

At least 11 people were killed and another 17 injured when a fire broke out at a small underwear factory in Puning county, Guangdong, in the early afternoon of 26...

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2nd January 2014

Retailers start Bangladesh compensation funds as media “shaming” campaigns make little progress

Late December media campaigns to shame the US government into adopting an ethical sourcing policy and worldwide buyers into compensating Bangladesh factory tragedy victims seem to have made no progress....

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17th October 2013

Has Cambodia’s garment trade association simply gone mad?

Cambodian garment makers' hostility to Better Factories Cambodia publishing their audits is beginning to look like the most foolish policy this industry has ever seen. Counter-productive behaviour by trade associations...

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7th August 2013

ILO admits: Improvements not being made in key Cambodian areas

The International Labour Organization’s Better Factories Cambodia program (BFC) admitted on July 18 that improvements are not being made in key areas of working conditions including union discipline, fire safety,...

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9th July 2013

Might soaring Bangladesh exports have partly caused its tragedies?

Is there another, and rarely commented on, way in which retailer practices have contributed to the spate of garment factory catastrophes in South Asia over the past year? It would...

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25th June 2013

Limited evidence of disaster impact on shopper behaviour

For all the journalists’ tales of Western shopper “enraged” at Bangladeshi disasters, there is very little evidence of customer s allowing their alleged rage to influence how they spend their...

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