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28th April 2015

Precedents look weak for Bangladesh lawsuits against buyers

Lawsuits announced in late April against apparel buyers over factory disasters now mean cases have been attempted in five different countries. But the likelihood of success still looks weak. On...

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18th February 2015

Customer boycott lifted after Azim Group agrees to mend its ways

A number of buyers - including VF, Gap, Li&Fung, PVH and El Corte Ingles - have agreed to lift their boycott of Bangladesh's Azim Group after the garment maker agreed...

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16th June 2014

Gap Burma sourcing announcement provokes activist attacks

US activists responded with their  predictable negativity to Gap’s June 6 announcement of up to 5,000 new jobs  being created in Burma as it became the first major US buyer...

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15th June 2014

Proliferating Cambodian labour disorder leads to high profile order losses

On just one June day (June 11) in Phnom Penh, 1300 workers at Bangladeshi-owned Ocean Garments were on strike demanding severance pay after management announced a one-month closure, claiming major...

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29th May 2014

Cambodia’s Ocean Garments suspends operations amid “lost orders” claims

Bangladeshi-owned, Cambodia-based Ocean Garments suspended operations on May 24, apparently claiming major brands had given no orders since February. Claims of order cancellations are growing in Cambodia, but do not...

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15th January 2014

Greenpeace childrenswear focus tries to shame more brands into Detox campaign

Greenpeace launched a "Little Monsters" fairy tale, detailing hazardous chemicals in children's clothes, as its latest weapon to shame more brands into signing the Detox Challenge. A survey, describing 82...

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8th January 2014

Factory owners and retailers differ over future of Cambodian garment industry after year-end strike

Two startlingly different views emerged on January 6 and 7 about the effect of Cambodia's garment strike on the industry's prospects for 2014. Cambodian factory owners pessimistic. Garment Manufacturers Association in...

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20th October 2013

Activist campaigns. It’s the effectiveness of the outrage they create that matters

The past few years' surge in the amount of social accountability pressure on the garment industry should have taught us all a few important lessons about what works and what...

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10th October 2013

Bangladesh Accord explains why Aswad fire site was not listed:

The Bangladesh Accord has explained why the Aswad Composite Mills plant in Gazipur was used by a number of signatories, but does not feature in the factories list the Accord...

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5th October 2013

Indian apparel lobbyists’ inventions descend into straightforward lies about Gap

India's leading garment lobbyist has been reported as claiming falsely that Gap has given instructions to its buyers not to source from Bangladesh. In an an absurd falsification that further damages...

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4th October 2013

C&A belies closure rumours, as fashion chains invade Brazil

C&A, Brazil's leading fashion  retailer, appeared to quash last year's closure rumours by opening 30 new Brazilian stores in 2013, bringing its total in the country to 260. C&A opened 26...

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19th September 2013

ZDHC now joined by most of Greenpeace’s bigger targets

The Q3 report of the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) group reveals that Gap, PVH and Limited Brands, after "naming and shaming" by Greenpeace,  have now joined, signing the Detox...

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