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1st April 2015

Mystery as Aldi Nord signs a Detox commitment with Greenpeace.

Aldi Nord GMBH, the holding company for about half of the world's Aldi discount shops, announced on March 31 it was signing the Greenpeace Detox Challenge, committing to a timetable...

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11th November 2014

Are we seeing the industry’s first social accountability tipping point?

In the decade or so I've been sharing my views in my monthly FlanaRant, one paradox has particularly puzzled me: Big apparel buyers have consistently laid down tight specifications for...

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15th January 2014

Greenpeace childrenswear focus tries to shame more brands into Detox campaign

Greenpeace launched a "Little Monsters" fairy tale, detailing hazardous chemicals in children's clothes, as its latest weapon to shame more brands into signing the Detox Challenge. A survey, describing 82...

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1st November 2013

Greenpeace ranks Detox companies on performance

Greenpeace International published its ranking on October 31 of companies signing up to the Detox Challenge by the quality of their progress so far. Their “Detox Catwalk” is  an online platform assessing...

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19th September 2013

ZDHC now joined by most of Greenpeace’s bigger targets

The Q3 report of the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) group reveals that Gap, PVH and Limited Brands, after "naming and shaming" by Greenpeace,  have now joined, signing the Detox...

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12th February 2013

Limited Brands toxic pledge reduces brands still targeted by Greenpeace

Limited Brands has become the 14th major business to pledge to eliminate all releases of hazardous chemicals throughout its supply chain and across all products by 2020. Jack Wolfskin announced...

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6th February 2013

Why Bangladesh “sympathisers” need to do more listening and less ranting

Within a few months, Greenpeace cajoled major brands and retailers into its Detox programme. But after two years, the Bangladesh Fire and Building Safety Agreement (BFBSA) campaign had still failed...

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15th January 2013

PVH, Gap and Victoria’s Secret targeted as more majors join Detox Challenge

Greenpeace named PVH brands, Mango, Gap, Victoria's Secret and a number of smaller Chinese and European brands during December as having so far "failed to take responsibility for the pollution...

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15th January 2013

Campaigns find three new issues to target retailers over

Western activists have launched campaigns in the West over supplier bankruptcy, the Asia Floor Wage and Uzbek cotton Rutgers University fires Adidas over Kizone compensation dispute Georgetown University became the...

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