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11th February 2015

Pakistan’s “textile policy” unveiled for 2014-19

Pakistan's Minster for Textile Industry announced its federal government Textile Policy 2014-19 on February 9. Though hailed as a national policy, the announcement consisted of laudable objectives in a number...

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10th February 2015

Nigeria’s stuttering cotton projects show vulnerabilities of ambitious national plans

Nigeria illustrates the importance, if a country wants a strategy, of joining it all up Nigeria - the heaviest-populated country to be completely outside the global textile and garment industry...

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9th February 2015

2014’s Next Big Things that weren’t.3, Part 4: China’s “new normal” and competitiveness

China's rulers are fond of talking about the "New Normal," and the idea does have some downsides. Some  of those downsides might impede the garment industry's competitiveness. But they haven't...

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1st February 2015

China’s cotton policy: a self-inflicted wound?

However glad I am I don't live in China, I really do believe China's government gets its political and economic judgements about what's right for the people of China a...

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1st February 2015

In Xinjiang, containing disorder might risk creating even more.

China sees Xinjiang as a political problem and a commercial opportunity, especially for its textile and clothing industry. It may be messing both up. Developing China’s far Western (and largest...

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6th January 2015

Egypt to abolish cotton subsidy

The Egyptian government announced in early January its decision to end subsidies to cotton growers. Growers denounced the decision, many claiming it meant the end of Egyptian cotton growing. The...

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8th November 2014

In spite of Shandong bank “crisis,” Faisalabad park deal signed

November 8 meetings between Pakistan’s Prime Minister and the Chinese Premier included China’s agreement to help with the planned “$2 bn” Faisalabad Textile Park. A number of substantial power generation...

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7th November 2014

Spinners and weavers from Greater China resume Vietnamese investments

Two more companies based in Greater China announced Vietnamese spinning or weaving projects in October, in spite of earlier fears that the May anti-China riots would deter new businesses from...

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2nd November 2014

Why has Fruit of the Loom sold its US spinning mills?

There is nothing in the announcements about Fruit of the Loom (FOTL) selling its US spinning mills to Parkdale that explains why. I can imagine why there isn't: FOTL used...

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7th August 2014

The two extraordinary lessons of Lenzing’s Tencel expansion

Lenzing have just completed, at a cost of €150 mn ($200 mn) a new Tencel factory that increases the group's Tencel capacity 42%. At an apparent cost of $1.4 MILLION...

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20th June 2014

Chinese textile equipment purchasing falls in 2013

For almost every type of major equipment, either the world bought less equipment or China’s share fell in 2013, data from the ITMF shows. So far this century, even when...

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15th June 2014

China’s share of textile machine shipments falls, as world market grows.

Total worldwide shipments of spinning, weaving and knitting equipment grew 9% in 2013, though weaving equipment fell 3.5% and knitting equipment fell 13.2%. Equipment shipped to Chinese mills, however, fell...

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