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19th November 2018

US physical retail keeps growing

America's physical retail stores kept growing in Q3 While e-commerce still hasn't reached even 10% of US retail sales

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24th December 2016

Great article Tara – but it’s not just millennials clothes shops annoy these days

The problem with modern apparel shops is that, when it comes to annoying their customers, they’re such equal-opportunity pains in the rear. Tara Donaldson wrote a terrific article on Sourcing...

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24th October 2016

Has Peak Internet hit Britain’s clothing stores?

Between June and September 2016, something hit UK clothing stores that I don’t think’s ever happened in the history of selling clothes, anywhere, ever before. The internet’s share fell, consistently....

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15th January 2015

2014’s Next Big Things that weren’t.1. Internet dominance

We're now twenty years from the launch of internet retailing. But it's had nothing like the effect on apparel buying the big 20th century revolutions did. Accident, problem - or...

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