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12th September 2011

Largest apparel buyers struggle

The three apparel buying businesses to have reported Q2 results (Inditex reports later in September) all showed real deterioration in their apparel business. Li & Fung profit fall not explainedLi...

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18th May 2011

Li & Fung publicly admit conflict-of-interest

Li & Fung admitted while presenting their 2010 results the conflict-of-interest its critics have accused it of for the past five years: it has a direct interest in higher prices,...

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17th March 2011

Clothing industry majors launch sustainable apparel coalition

A group of leading apparel and footwear brands, retailers, manufacturers, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), academic experts, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency launched the Sustainable Apparel Coalition on March 1. The...

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8th December 2010

Asian buyers extend West

A number of Asian companies have announced acquisitions in the West during November, including Li & Fung, who said on November 22 that the company would buy most of the...

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24th November 2010

Li & Fung buy Oxford Apparel

Li & Fung announced on November 22 it would buy most of the Oxford Apparel division of Oxford Industries for $121.7 mn. Though touted as part of L&F's January announcement...

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5th November 2010

Li & Fung signs Li Ning sourcing deal

Li & Fung has signed a deal to become a sourcing agent for Chinese sporting goods business Li Ning Company in international and Chinese domestic markets. The deal will include...

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17th October 2010

Li & Fung display the agent’s dilemma

Consumers have already enjoyed "too long a period of very low prices" said Li & Fung's Leung Wai Ping recently, when asked her views on the impact of rising input...

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17th September 2010

Li & Fung acquisition opens up Chinese market

Li & Fung has announced plans to buy logistics company Integrated Distribution Services Group (IDS) in a deal valued at HK$7.0 billion ($897mn). The acquisition supports Li & Fung’s plans...

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14th April 2010

Li & Fung FY profit up as non-clothing sales fall

Li & Fung - now the world's largest clothing buyer after Wal-Mart - saw sales fall 6% in 2009, even though it added a number of major new clients. However...

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8th March 2010

Li & Fung acquires Visage Group

Li & Fung announced its acquisition of UK private-label apparel supplier Visage Group for up to $264mn on February 25 With headquarters in Manchester, and sourcing offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou,...

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2nd February 2010

Li & Fung benefit as Wal-Mart outsources some direct sourcing

Li & Fung claim an agreement for sourcing with Wal-Mart will lead to more such business from other retailers - while also claiming the agreement will lead to more direct...

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18th August 2008

Brands close Indian sourcing offices

Some pessimism emerged about India's future as a sourcing location as Li and Fung's acquisition of Timberland's sourcing operation led to the closure of Timberland's separate Indian sourcing office. This...

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