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27th February 2017

Computer programs and flash PR won’t eliminate wage abuses by themselves

Is the British government's “name and shame” campaign High Street retailers concentrating too much on headline-grabbing mistakes? “Minimum wage abuses will not go unpunished” announced Britain’s Business Minister Margot James...

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13th December 2013

Haitian owners close factories over minimum wage demonstrations

Owners closed garment factories around Port au Prince on December 12 after two days of violence over unions' "250%" minimum wage calls followed an official announcement that the minimum wages...

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11th December 2013

H&M talk analysts through strategy for “Fair, living wage”

Though H&M's share price has outperformed the Stockholm Stock Exchange since its November 25  Living Wage announcement, it called its first-ever analyst presentation on the issue on December 10 and...

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29th November 2013

H&M: Cambodians absorb H&M “living wage” message

But not necessarily the way H&M wanted. Possibly one step forward, one step back and one heaven knows which way? On November 25, H&M announced a commitment to ensuring workers throughout...

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26th November 2013

Will everyone making clothes for H&M ever get a living wage?

If their union representatives are doing their job, probably not. No union in history has ever thought its members were paid enough, and, even if everything goes to H&M's plan...

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26th November 2013

H&M commits to “Living Wage” roadmap

H&M announced on November 25 a commitment to ensuring workers throughout the factories it uses worldwide will be paid a living wage by 2018. It estimates the policy will affect...

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14th November 2013

H&M becomes sole customer in three factories

H&M - which uses just under 1,000 factories around the world - has chosen to become the only customer in two Bangladeshi garment factories and one Cambodian factory, the company...

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24th October 2013

“Living Wage” campaign fails three crucial tests

The assumptions behind the Living Wage Action Week meet all the requirements activists have for an issue worth campaigning on. But the campaign fails on the crucial test for for...

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21st October 2013

Activists launch “Living Wage Action Week”

Activist group the Clean Clothes Campaign launched a week-long campaign on October 21 to force garment buyers to adopt "living wage" programmes in developing countries. The Living Wage Action Week...

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20th October 2013

Activist campaigns. It’s the effectiveness of the outrage they create that matters

The past few years' surge in the amount of social accountability pressure on the garment industry should have taught us all a few important lessons about what works and what...

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2nd September 2013

Bangladeshi Nobel laureate and Otto Group back new initiative for garment industry labour standards

The Yunnus Centre, the Bangladesh-based think tank, claims wide support  in setting up a Garment Industry Transparency Initiative (GITI), a global process for comprehensive standards on labour conditions. The Centre, chaired by...

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27th August 2013

61% of garment workers in poor countries earned more in 2011 than in 2001. Source? Anti-industry rant

A study - purportedly "independent" - from the Workers Rights Consortium (WRC) shows that 61% of garment workers in developing countries earned more, in real terms after accounting for inflation,...

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