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23rd October 2018

Confusion over Amazon’s share of US clothing market

Estimating how Amazon ranks in the US clothing market is tricky - and often leads to real overstatements. With their Q3 results about to be announced, it's worth looking at...

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10th October 2013

Major retailers go cool on Asian expansion

Major garment retailers have begun to show growing coolness on their Indian and Chinese operations, while finding ingenious ways of keeping some involvement. Tesco announced on October 1 its current...

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18th May 2011

US March sales very massively between retailers

US garment retailers showed enormous variation in their 2010 Apparel sales ($bn) March 11 total sales yoy change total total same-store Gap 14.7 -8.0% -10.0% Macy's 14.5 1.6% 0.9% TJX...

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8th December 2010

Consultancy rates US apparel companies on working conditions

Levi Strauss and Walmart Stores topped the assessment made by corporate responsibility group As You Sow of US apparel companies' programmes to improve factory working conditions. Five shared bottom place...

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8th March 2010

US apparel retailer performance varies by sector

Wal-Mart: domestic clothing sales worsen while international gets betterWal-Mart International (ie, the business outside the US) overtook the worldwide sales - including sales in their home markets - of Carrefour...

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