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14th January 2014

Political disputes underpin most current developing world violence

Disturbingly similar, deep rooted, tensions - seldom directly linked to garment industry issues - are at the root of most violence recently disturbing Bangladesh, Cambodia, Haiti, Thailand, Egypt, and Malaysia....

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5th December 2013

US October garment imports up 4.8% on 2012: prices nudge up.

America's rate of year on year garment import growth in October was 4.8%, after 2.1 % in September and 5.4% growth in the nine months to September. As in September,...

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28th November 2013

American and Chinese media get confused over Mexican VAT hike

Media in China and America are indulging in a hysterical, and quite unfounded, misunderstanding of effect on garment makers of a Mexican Congress November 1 decision to abolish a tax...

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25th October 2013

California’s Benefit Apparel spends $5 mn on Mexico factory

Undeterred by the prospects of higher Mexican profit taxes,  California-based Benefit Apparel announced on October 21 a $5 mn garment plant investment in the Teocaltiche region of Jalisco state. The plant is...

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24th October 2013

Worker protests in Mexico – over tax legislation

Thousands of maquiladora workers in Mexico's Ciudad Juarez protested on October 22 - not over pay, but over proposed changes to Mexico's tax laws, making their employers subject to the...

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7th August 2013

Honduran garment making industry consolidates as “mass flight”alleged

Honduras’ garment exports to the US perked up in the second quarter of 2013, in spite of industry claims about a “mass flight” of garment makers to Mexico and Nicaragua,...

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1st November 2012

Will Mexico’s challenge to China change garment sourcing as we know it?

Mexico's challenge to what it sees as China's utterly shameless disregard for WTO rules on export subsidies looks likely to transform the way sourcing works. And the US and EU...

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14th June 2012

Mexican “share growth” claims based on mistaken evidence

Mexico's textile and apparel industry is erroneously claiming a growing proportion of the US market as it deludes itself that it is benefiting from an increasing focus on higher-value products...

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9th April 2009

Victimless fires?

Are we being absurdly cynical to be surprised at simultaneous, injury-free, fires in garment and other assembly plants round the world? Within 24 hours, Ocean Sky’s 5,000 employee Suntex apparel...

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19th March 2009

Mexico imposes $2.4 bn retaliation for US truck access violation

Mexico announced $2.4 bn in penal duty on 90 products from 40 US states after America announced its unilateral abandonment of a NAFTA requirement to allow Mexican trucks into the...

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24th October 2008

Are sales really the problem?

For all the over-excited headlines, we've not yet seen a catastrophic fall in clothing sales. In the two major economies with the most up to date retail sales data, clothing...

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21st March 2007

Can cheap labour last?

As Chinese labour costs keep rising, some foreign investors and manufacturers have begun to look elsewhere for more profitable business opportunities. Nike, for example, has expanded four production lines in...

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