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12th April 2016

Free labour gives brands more headaches than forced labour

Is forced labour really apparel buyers top challenge? A recent report from Transparency International thought it was. I disagree. Voluntary labour causes buyers—and shoppers—far more headaches. Forced labour: lots of new...

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30th July 2015

UK makes supply chain transparency mandatory for almost all businesses. Wherever they are

In our view, the UK government's Modern Slavery Act has profound implications for virtually all major garment buyers, sellers and manufacturers - however small their UK sales are. The UK...

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15th February 2015

UK publishes consultation on threshold for Modern Slavery reporting requirements

The UK government published its consultation document on February 15 for the reporting requirement under its Modern Slavery Bill. The Bill is expected to become law in early May, but...

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29th October 2014

“Modern slavery”: Activists want tougher UK duty of disclosure on slavery-free supply chains

The UK government announced on October 13 that larger businesses will have to state publicly each year what action they have taken to ensure their supply chains are slavery free. The...

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