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30th March 2017

Apparel making jobs target in key Indian state “98% below target”

The apparel making job creation target in India's Maharashtra state (the area round Mumbai) seems to be 98% below its 2012 target, according to its 2016-17 Economic Survey. A 2012 plan...

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28th March 2017

Burma best-performing major 2016 supplier: Cambodia, India, Philippines and Morocco do worst

Burma showed the strongest growth among apparel suppliers to developed countries in 2016, as the total volume shipped worldwide fell for the first time in five years . Clothesource Tradetrak measures...

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8th June 2015

Is India really going to increase textile job creation twentyfold?

India constantly comes out with predictions for extraordinary growth in garment exports and the jobs that growth will create. In a June 8 Souring Journal article, I looked at what grounds...

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13th May 2015

Blaming Ghana’s textile closures on “piracy” doesn’t solve their real commercial problems

The suspension of 1,400 workers at Ghana's Juapong Textiles Factory demonstrates the complex commercial problems behind repeated claims the country's textiles industry is being destroyed by Chinese piracy. The factory has...

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4th May 2015

Ethiopia: why neat plans don’t guarantee the jobs developing countries need

In my Sourcing Journal article on Ethiopia, I question the wisdom of elaborate "dirt to shirt" national garment and textile strategies. I believe such strategies all carry a common fallacy...

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15th April 2015

Ethiopians start the debate about a realistic ten-year apparel plan

Ethiopia has admitted its plans for apparel and textile exports have been unrealistic. Its revised project may be achievable - but the real costs to the Ethiopian people still seem...

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19th March 2015

US announces $150 mn public-private textile investment competition – as US textile and apparel jobs continue their decline.

The US Department of Defense launched on March 18 a competition to form a new manufacturing hub focused on revolutionary fibre and textile technologies. The $75 million federal investment will...

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24th February 2015

East African governments seem to want ban on used clothing imports

The heads of state of the five East African Community members agreed in late February to work out by their next  meeting how to promote their textile industries and stop...

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15th February 2015

Zimbabwe clothing and textile industry comes to a halt after regulatory hiccup.

Just three months after the launch of a national textile strategy planned to increase garment exports fifteenfold, Zimbabwe's textile and garment industry seemed by February 15 to have ground to...

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14th February 2015

Indian report claims Gurgaon garment riot “plot to destabilise industry”

A report by the district administration in Gurgaon, near Delhi, claims that a February 12 garment factory riot was "orchestrated by vested interests" to create "widespread labour unrest" in the area....

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12th February 2015

UK increases textile fund subsidy after report makes optimistic job creation estimates

The UK government announced a 50% increase in its funding of a textiles industry development fund on February 12 after a two-year survey estimated a 23% increase in jobs by...

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11th February 2015

US demonstrates its own approach to industry policies.

The standing Democrat on the US Congress Joint Economic Committee (charged with "making a continuing study of matters relating to the US economy") issued a perceptive report on the US...

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