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9th November 2016

Post Trump and Brexit: there’s more than one way to skin the international retailing cat

While American voters were confounding practically all observers on November 8, on the other side of the Atlantic Britain’s Marks & Spencer unveiled a strategy that may be designed for...

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19th March 2015

US announces $150 mn public-private textile investment competition – as US textile and apparel jobs continue their decline.

The US Department of Defense launched on March 18 a competition to form a new manufacturing hub focused on revolutionary fibre and textile technologies. The $75 million federal investment will...

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11th February 2015

US demonstrates its own approach to industry policies.

The standing Democrat on the US Congress Joint Economic Committee (charged with "making a continuing study of matters relating to the US economy") issued a perceptive report on the US...

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21st January 2015

Rich country imports from Bangladesh continue slide in November as Vietnam looks 2014’s big success story

Rich country garment imports from Bangladesh fell year on year in November for the third time in four months, as Bangladesh's sales to the EU continued to fall - though...

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9th December 2014

UN data shows no evidence for apparel “onshoring” claims

United Nations data released in early December shows the continuing lack of any support for most claims of revived rich-country garment production. In the third quarter of 2014, garment production...

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