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27th February 2017

UK policy on post-Brexit migration begins to emerge. But pro-Brexit groups claim “betrayal”

Towards the end of February, more clarity began to emerge about the UK's policy on migration from the EU after it leaves in spring 2019. Most commentators agree that uncontrolled...

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4th January 2017

Why did industry forecasters miss 2016’s biggest story?

I think the biggest event of 2016 for our industry was the outright opposition to international trade on which America’s Republican Party campaigned successfully in the Congressional elections. Most people...

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9th November 2016

Post Trump and Brexit: there’s more than one way to skin the international retailing cat

While American voters were confounding practically all observers on November 8, on the other side of the Atlantic Britain’s Marks & Spencer unveiled a strategy that may be designed for...

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6th April 2016

Is UK apparel onshoring finally gaining momentum?

Despite years of widely denied decline, British garment-making showed serious signs of a revival in the second half of 2015. There's a touching annual ritual in our trade, which goes...

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3rd April 2015

For all the onshoring hype – US apparel jobs keep falling

In the April 3 Sourcing Journal Online, I look at the continuing fall in US apparel making jobs. However much hype gets generated about the alleged onshoring boom, jobs in...

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19th March 2015

US announces $150 mn public-private textile investment competition – as US textile and apparel jobs continue their decline.

The US Department of Defense launched on March 18 a competition to form a new manufacturing hub focused on revolutionary fibre and textile technologies. The $75 million federal investment will...

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21st February 2015

Chanel increases workforce at Barrie Knitwear 25%

Barrie Knitwear in Hawick, Scotland, announced on February 20 it would increase its workers by 25% over the next two years. Though this means just 60 new jobs, it also...

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19th February 2015

“Most garment workers in UK onshoring hub paid half minimum wage”: study

The majority of garment workers in Britain's East Midlands -  focus of much new UK apparel manufacturing - are paid less than half the country's minimum wage, an academic study...

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15th February 2015

European 2014 apparel production continues fall, while imports grow

Apparel production in the EU fell 1.2% during 2014 compared to 2013, EU data released on February 12 shows, while the latest available data shows apparel imports grew 3.9%. The...

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12th February 2015

UK increases textile fund subsidy after report makes optimistic job creation estimates

The UK government announced a 50% increase in its funding of a textiles industry development fund on February 12 after a two-year survey estimated a 23% increase in jobs by...

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11th February 2015

US demonstrates its own approach to industry policies.

The standing Democrat on the US Congress Joint Economic Committee (charged with "making a continuing study of matters relating to the US economy") issued a perceptive report on the US...

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8th February 2015

US “onshoring” lobby sees first (very faint) hard evidence of achievement

The 2014 growth rate for US domestic apparel production virtually matched the growth rate for apparel imports - for the first time since at least 1985. Growth in US imports...

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