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1st March 2017

Still unclear who’s coming to jilted TPP partners’ future planning meeting in Chile

It remains unclear which countries are attending the meeting called for March 14-15 in Viña del Mar, Chile, to discuss options for trade co-operation after US withdrawal from the TPP. The...

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17th November 2016

Trade with China. Triumph of hope over experience?

The British Brexit debate, and the aftermath of Trump's election, are bringing out widely contrasting views of China as a business partner. Some are hopelessly naive. British hope One of...

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20th August 2016

Why voters don’t want any more global supply chains

I spent the first six months of 2016 campaigning in Britain against Brexit. Not once did I hear a Brexit supporter attack global integration. Scarcely anyone in Britain opposes global...

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11th March 2015

China gets excited about free trade agreements

China will accelerate talks over free trade areas, said its Commerce Minister Gao Hucheng on March 8. The country will "will accelerate talks over free trade areas with Japan and...

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17th November 2014

Grandiose trade deals: the puzzling case of the ignored Apparel Periphery

China's November 11 call for a Free Trade Area of the Asia-Pacific (FTAAP) seems to add yet another grandiose trade plan doomed for oblivion to a puzzling set of projects which...

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29th November 2013

New trade pacts “create risks”: Luen Thai

Uncertainties over new trade pacts are likely to rein in come Chinese businesses' overseas production moves, said Luen Thai's CFO, Sunny Tan, in mid-November Tan is a committee member at the...

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10th October 2013

Pacific trade statements need serious decoding

Participants at recent Pacific trade talks issued highly reassuring statements. But their words mask a very different reality - and one attacked by major garment retailers The 21 member countries...

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