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20th April 2015

Flying geese don’t mean the Chinese are leaving home

One of the biggest myths of modern sourcing is that Chinese  garment manufacturers are leaving China. My op-ed in the April 21 Sourcing Journal Online exposes the myth. In 2002,...

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9th February 2015

2014’s Next Big Things that weren’t.3, Part 4: China’s “new normal” and competitiveness

China's rulers are fond of talking about the "New Normal," and the idea does have some downsides. Some  of those downsides might impede the garment industry's competitiveness. But they haven't...

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6th February 2015

2014’s Next Big Things that weren’t.3, Part 3: China’s mass relocation

The next set of misguided predictions in 2014 - usually presented as outright facts - were that the world was populated by Chinese garment and textile tycoons desperate to escape...

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30th January 2015

2014’s Next Big Things that weren’t.3, Part 2: China’s wage rises and garment competitiveness

The central misguided predictions in 2014 were that wage rises would make Chinese garments uncompetitive. Why didn’t they? 1. The Forecasts For years, every annual forecast was clear that rising...

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27th January 2015

2014’s Next Big Things that weren’t.2: Onshoring

In spite of endless newspaper articles about onshoring, there's not actually been any serious, specific, forecast of substantial growth in rich-country garment production. Just as well, since there simply wan't a...

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26th October 2014

Are Japanese firms changing their apparel sourcing policy?

Did Japanese importers' decision to move sourcing away from China drive their prices up? And are they now changing their minds? In 2011, China accounted for 87% of Japan's apparel...

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24th June 2014

South Asian garment export data punctures some producer myths

South Asia’s garment exports to the main Western destinations in the first four months of the year were healthy – but do not reflect the account local trade associations offer....

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10th June 2014

Texas cotton growers sell off the former Koramsa as Delta Apparel moves fabric production from US to Honduras

Plains Cotton Cooperative Association (PCCA), a US cotton growers’ cooperative said on June 9 it “looked forward to refocusing our efforts on our core businesses of cotton marketing, warehousing and software...

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5th December 2013

Luthai to open “first” foreign garment plant in Cambodia

China's Luthai announced in early December it would open a garment making plant in Cambodia. The company describes itself as the world's "largest high-grade yarn-dyed fabric producer", with a highly...

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28th November 2013

American and Chinese media get confused over Mexican VAT hike

Media in China and America are indulging in a hysterical, and quite unfounded, misunderstanding of effect on garment makers of a Mexican Congress November 1 decision to abolish a tax...

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5th October 2013

Indian apparel lobbyists’ inventions descend into straightforward lies about Gap

India's leading garment lobbyist has been reported as claiming falsely that Gap has given instructions to its buyers not to source from Bangladesh. In an an absurd falsification that further damages...

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7th August 2013

Honduran garment making industry consolidates as “mass flight”alleged

Honduras’ garment exports to the US perked up in the second quarter of 2013, in spite of industry claims about a “mass flight” of garment makers to Mexico and Nicaragua,...

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