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15th July 2014

PETA lobbies for all-out ban on wool

Animal rights group lobbyists PETA admitted its real objective in publicising abusive sheep shearing is to cause a ban on all wool buying. The group released film on July 9...

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15th July 2014

End of Ramadan poses threat to “506” Bangladesh garment factories

Bangladesh's industrial police were reported to have predicted on July 11  that labour unrest might break out at 506 garment factories that looked unlikely to pay outstanding wages and holiday...

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7th July 2014

China’s increasing “strikes” indicate something quite different from what the West’s used to

Reports of growing strikes in China are generally confused misunderstandings of a rise in something quite different. The China Labour Bulletin (CLB) has been quoted as saying on July 4...

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6th July 2014

China strikes in April-June “up 49% on 2013” aren’t quite what they seem

The China Labour Bulletin (CLB) is quoted as saying on July 4 that strikes in the second quarter of 2014 were 49% up on 2013. But in this industry, almost...

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30th June 2014

“100% of 2014 Cambodian garment strikes fail to meet legal requirements”: United Nations

All 108 Cambodian garment  strikes recorded at factories inspected in the year to April 2014 "failed to meet at least one of the legal requirements", said the Better Factories Cambodia...

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9th May 2014

Why we’re not living through a Guangdong Spring

The April strike by 30,000 workers at Yue Yuen's Guangdong factories was reported by some as the kind of worker protest that led to the collapse of Eastern European Communism...

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7th May 2014

Bangladesh and Cambodia research shows disturbing worker attitudes

Research among garment workers released during Spring 2014 and carried out by Better Factories Cambodia (BFC)  and by the Bangladesh Alliance shows some disturbing (and possibly deteriorating) garment worker attitudes...

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24th February 2014

Better Work Indonesia third Compliance Report measures widespread compliance problems in garment factories

Better Work Indonesia, managed for Indonesia by the ILO's Better Factories programme, announced on February 24 it had published its report for 2012/13 in December. The report finds widespread compliance...

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15th January 2014

First investors in “race to the top” management firm

Tau Investment, which believes better funded management will transform apparel supply chains, announced its first external investors on January 13. The firm (slogan: "Capitalist solutions to capitalism's failures"), said Alexander...

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22nd December 2013

ILO/Cambodian government agree to name non-compliant Cambodian unions and factories

The International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Cambodian government agreed on December 18  to introduce public disclosure of non-compliant garment factories, garment unions and garment workers. The agreement followed near-hysterical...

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15th December 2013

UK chains hit by Outrage Tsunami over angora sales

Four weeks after the issue first arose, UK chains have begun to hit an outrage tsunami over the use of angora. PETA released a distressing video on November 19 of...

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3rd December 2013

Ansells fire Sri Lankan workers after “futile” complaint to OECD by global union

The Ansell Lanka Company fired nearly 300 striking workers in late November after the IndustriALL grouping of unions referred to the OECD the disputes its affiliates were having in Ansell's Sri Lanka...

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