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11th June 2015

Germany’s Sustainable Textiles Partnership buyer membership growing

Germany's Partnership for Sustainable Textiles has dramatically increased its support among German garment buyers. The Otto Group -  on some measures, Germany's largest textiles retailer -   announced on June 2...

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1st April 2015

Mystery as Aldi Nord signs a Detox commitment with Greenpeace.

Aldi Nord GMBH, the holding company for about half of the world's Aldi discount shops, announced on March 31 it was signing the Greenpeace Detox Challenge, committing to a timetable...

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24th January 2015

H&M stops cotton buying from Ethiopia’s Omo Valley

H&M announced on January 19 it was halting the use of cotton from Ethiopia's Omo Valley, after allegations of "landgrabbing" in the area. H&M's decision follows a similar decision a...

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26th September 2014

Cambodian government gets subtly different pressures from foreign buyers and unions over minimum wages

In separate mid-September letters to the Cambodian government, a group of European buyers and the major international union federations pushed for surprisingly similar, but still different, approaches to setting Cambodia's...

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