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22nd January 2015

India’s Textiles Ministry gives spinning and weaving priority in national strategy pitch: report

India's Textiles Ministry has put better spinning and weaving capacity - especially in man-made fibres - top of its priorities for the country's manufacturing development, press reports claimed on January...

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2nd November 2014

Why has Fruit of the Loom sold its US spinning mills?

There is nothing in the announcements about Fruit of the Loom (FOTL) selling its US spinning mills to Parkdale that explains why. I can imagine why there isn't: FOTL used...

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7th August 2014

The two extraordinary lessons of Lenzing’s Tencel expansion

Lenzing have just completed, at a cost of €150 mn ($200 mn) a new Tencel factory that increases the group's Tencel capacity 42%. At an apparent cost of $1.4 MILLION...

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20th June 2014

Chinese textile equipment purchasing falls in 2013

For almost every type of major equipment, either the world bought less equipment or China’s share fell in 2013, data from the ITMF shows. So far this century, even when...

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15th June 2014

China’s share of textile machine shipments falls, as world market grows.

Total worldwide shipments of spinning, weaving and knitting equipment grew 9% in 2013, though weaving equipment fell 3.5% and knitting equipment fell 13.2%. Equipment shipped to Chinese mills, however, fell...

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29th December 2013

Lessons of 2013: 2 “Flight” from Chinese spinning and weaving

As media carried year-end stories of Chinese spinners and weavers debating $100 mn plus investments in countries as different as the US, India, Bangladesh and Uruguay, there was just one...

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23rd December 2013

Wall Street Journal spots Asian rush to US textile investment

The Wall Street Journal featured on December 21 a small queue of Asian textile firms announcing in 2013 expansion plans into the US, where they believe costs are lower than...

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7th July 2010

Textile machinery shipments carried on falling in 2009

After heavy investment between 2003 and 2007, the 2008 fall in new textile investments continued into 2009, according to a survey released in early June by the International Textile Manufacturers...

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