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23rd May 2018

Bangladesh: Ramadan ends with none of the forecast chaos

Ramadan ended on June 14 with virtually none of the carnage predicted for the Bangladesh clothing industry at its beginning. In late May, local media reported that "labour unrest is...

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6th May 2018

Does it still take union action to get compensation in a Bangladesh garment factory?

On May 4, a Bangladesh garment worker took ill. His condition was ignored by his superior, so he died. The tragic death took his colleagues out onto the street demanding...

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20th April 2018

ETI and Better Buying launch “suppliers rate buyers” programme – in Bangladesh

US-based Better Buying and the UK-based Ethical Trade Initiative have launched a 360 degree appraisal programme - in Bangladesh. The initiative - as far as we are aware, unprecedented in...

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9th April 2018

A tale of two South Asian scandals

During April 2018, two five-year old clothing industry scandals involving corrupt South Asian governments played themselves out. In Bangladesh, a campaign to identify and punish the murderers of clothing union...

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