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26th June 2018

Worker Rights Consortium documents vicious threats and beatings at Bangalore’s Shahi Export

A new report by the Workers' Rights' Consortium claimed on June 20 that Shahi Export in Bangalore, India, viciously attacked workers in April this year. Attacks included  physical beatings and...

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24th April 2018

India’s handloom obsession starts talk of an “endgame” in its clothing export industry

India's obsession with the politics of hand-weaving means clothes exports are falling sharply. And they were in a surprisingly mediocre position to start with. In the financial year to February, they...

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22nd April 2018

Chinese “waiting for Pakistani textile mills to die”

A year ago, Pakistani companies were leaking to news agencies that Chinese firms were using Beijing’s “One Belt, One Road” project to invest heavily in Pakistan's spinning and weaving industry. Six...

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