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4th February 2017

First details emerge of probable NAFTA and Border Tax legislation – but where’s China?

US Congressional Republican leaders made their pitch on February 1 and 2 for handling NAFTA renegotiation and border taxes. Trump’s earlier China commitments seem to have disappeared. NAFTA renegotiation Donald...

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13th May 2015

AGOA renewal threatened by US Senate block on discussing TPP “Fast track”

Though possibly temporary, the May 12 US Senate rejection of a proposal to speed up approval of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) also imperilled progress on other key trade issues -...

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21st April 2015

The US is still unlikely to get the TPP its retailers want

In mid-April American Democrat and Republican politicians announced an agreement designed to speed up US approval of the proposed Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). In a recent FlanaRant I explained why...

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5th March 2015

US plans for TPP seem to slip further

The US President’s Trade Agenda released on March 4 says “in 2015, [the US] will conclude negotiations with TPP countries.” But the day before, Orrin Hatch, the Republican chairing the Senate Finance Committee, told...

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12th February 2015

US launches WTO complaint against China’s “Demonstration Bases” export subsidies

In a move probably aimed above all at US politicians, the US government announced on February 11 the first steps in a formal WTO case against Chinese export subsidies for...

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