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13th November 2016

Trump’s global trade policy: act like a New York garmento

The developed world depends almost entirely on imports from poorer countries for its clothing. The world's biggest apparel importer looks certain to transform its attitude to importing that apparel Since...

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23rd February 2015

Free trade, pots and kettles…

There are times advocates of free trade need to think before opening their mouths - or uploading their blogs. An apparently praiseworthy article in the Pakistani press about access to...

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16th January 2015

WTO finds against Argentine protectionism

A WTO appeal body reaffirmed on January 15 practically all the findings  of earlier WTP panels that Argentina's import restrictions breached WTO rules. Though some Western politicians hailed the findings...

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26th June 2014

Fast Retailing and the Indian Prime Minister: Clothesource got it almost right

Yesterday, we cast doubt on the official Indian government explanation for the visit of Tadashi Yanai, Chairman of Fast Retailing, to the Indian Prime Minister.  It looks as if we almost...

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25th June 2014

What was Tadashi Yanai talking to India’s Prime Minister about?

The Indian government claims that Tadashi Yanai, Chairman of Fast Retailing, came to visit the country's new Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, today because “The company aims to source garments from India." Does it?...

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21st October 2013

Sri Lanka’s trade deal with China: good for Western buyers, bad for Sri Lanka’s garment industry?

Sri Lanka’s proposed fast-track trade deal with China looks likely to prove excellent news – for the Western buyers Sri Lankan trade garment trade spokespeople want to diversify away from....

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20th October 2013

Sri Lankan trade association surprisingly keen on free trade with China

Spokespeople for Sri Lanka's garment trade have shown surprisingly unquestioning support for a trade deal with China that might be agreed with unprecedented haste. The secretary-general of Sri Lanka's Joint Apparel...

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22nd May 2013

Does Indonesia expect any expertise from its public servants?

It’s dismally common to find government minsters displaying spectacular ignorance of subjects they represent their country about. But that’s often because they’ve got elections to win, and find themselves switched...

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18th April 2013

Trade deals – the devil is in the details

In the April FlanaRant, I looked at the difference between the ambitions and timeframes for immense trade deals being demonstrated by the US, EU, South East Asia, Japan and China....

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20th March 2013

Major traders proliferate new trade talks – but claim to lack resource

The world's major trading blocs added immensely to their list of pending trading agreements during February and March - while complaining they lacked the resources to progress the agreements they...

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15th January 2013

Pakistan delays opening trade with India

Pakistan delayed confirming " most favoured nation" for India (trade jargon for withdrawing hundreds of regulations making trade with India tougher than with other countries) - originally announced for January...

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20th November 2012

The real challenges to China in 2013 and after

Followers of our comments know how sceptical we are about claims that China is becoming uncompetitive as a source of garments. Throughout the second half of 2012, Chinese apparel imports...

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