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3rd June 2018

Growth renewed in spinning/weaving investment

The annual International Textile Manufacturers Federation (ITMF) machinery shipments report showed  faster growth in 2017. In several categories, the previous few years had seen a decline: China continued to be the...

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1st April 2018

Top 20 clothing exporters remain unchanged as world clothing trade falls

The volume of the $255 bn worth of clothing (measured in numbers of garments) imported in 2017 into the key developed countries (Japan, the US and EU - JUSEU) fell...

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1st February 2018

Can Britain really be serious about Brexit?

The watchword this year is BINO: Brexit in Name Only. I think it's the best prediction of what awaits Britain after March 2019. Britain is a Parliamentary democracy, most MPs...

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13th December 2017

Brexit disappearance marks apparel’s need of Next New Big Thing

A joint statement from UK and EU negotiators on the progress of the Brexit talks in early December said the United Kingdom will maintain full alignment with rules of the...

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28th February 2017

Mexico says “we’ll quit NAFTA if Trump makes unreasonable demands”

Mexico's top trade negotiator said in an interview published on February 27 that he would walk away from the table if US negotiators threatened 20% duties on cars. “The moment that...

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27th February 2017

UK policy on post-Brexit migration begins to emerge. But pro-Brexit groups claim “betrayal”

Towards the end of February, more clarity began to emerge about the UK's policy on migration from the EU after it leaves in spring 2019. Most commentators agree that uncontrolled...

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22nd November 2016

Trumps confirms TPP withdrawal – but silent on renegotiating NAFTA or branding China a “currency manipulator”

A November 21 video by Donald Trump seems to be backtracking on trade commitments made just four weeks earlier. We have now republished Trump's October 22 plan, and will update...

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6th March 2015

EU apparel and textile retail: first annual growth for years

Sales (cash deflated by the rate of inflation) in the EU's specialist apparel and textile stores grew 2.1% in 2014 over 2013 - the first growth since 2010. Sales grew...

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18th February 2015

Customer boycott lifted after Azim Group agrees to mend its ways

A number of buyers - including VF, Gap, Li&Fung, PVH and El Corte Ingles - have agreed to lift their boycott of Bangladesh's Azim Group after the garment maker agreed...

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7th February 2015

“Ali Enterprises fire was arson”: report

February 6 press leaks claim the September 2012 fire at Ali Enterprises, Pakistan - which killed over 250 garment workers - was the result of arson  by a local political party after...

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7th February 2015

“Nearshoring” decline mirrors “onshoring” reverse

EU and US 2014 import data shows little support for frequently-made claims that growing interest in Fast Fashion  is moving apparel production to countries near the main EU and North...

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31st October 2014

Cambodia garment strike disruption tumbles

In the first nine months of 2014, the number of working days lost by strikes in Cambodia's garment industry fell 40% from 2013, data from the  Garment Manufacturers' association of...

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