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27th March 2017

EU warns Bangladesh of duty free suspension over labour rights

The European Union was reported on March 23 to have warned Bangladesh of suspending duty-free access unless Bangladesh makes progress in the implementing worker rights. The European Commission's Directorates General...

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3rd June 2015

Indian government faces growing opposition on its two major apparel-related policies

Two key Indian government projects for rapid growth in India's textile manufacture and apparel exports are threatened by mounting opposition, both in the country's Parliament and in threatened mass action. India's...

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17th January 2015

“Bangladesh has a lot to do before we can even consider restoring GSP”: US Government

Bangladesh's garment industry must make further progress in a number of areas, including "serious worker rights issues", factory inspections and ending worker harassment, before the US can consider reinstatement of...

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29th November 2014

Too many unions can damage your garment industry

The Clean Clothes Campaign, the IndustriALL union federation and the Bangladesh government seem to agree: too many unions can seriously damage your garment industry. We’ve recently criticised here the wrong-headed...

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3rd July 2014

Now US Congressmen join Western buyers in attack on Bangladesh government and factory owners

In unprecedentedly undiplomatic language. the major Western garment  buyers publicly accused the Bangladesh government on June 30 of making "a threat to the rights and safety of trade union activists,...

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27th June 2014

Have Bangladesh’s garment makers gone mad?

That’s the only rational explanation for the extraordinary demand by Atiqul Islam, President of the Bangladesh Garment Makers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) to prosecute union leaders for subversion. Or if...

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9th May 2014

Why we’re not living through a Guangdong Spring

The April strike by 30,000 workers at Yue Yuen's Guangdong factories was reported by some as the kind of worker protest that led to the collapse of Eastern European Communism...

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31st October 2013

US ratchets up pressure on Guatemala over labour rights – a bit

The US has responded cautiously to what it sees as Guatemala's footdragging over labour rights. In a statement on October 28, United States Trade Representative Michael Froman threatened to reactivate an arbitration...

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31st October 2013

Bangladesh to allow unions in Export Processing Zones “from January”

A Bangladesh newspaper has reported that unions will be allowed to operate fully in Export Processing Zones from January. Workers inside the Export Processing Zones (EPZ) will also be able...

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4th October 2013

China Labour Bulletin reports September growth in cutback-related textile/garment strikes

The China Labour Bulletin reported three major strikes in the Chinese textile/garment industry during September 2013. All were provoked by dissatisfaction over cutbacks in a plant - Substantial numbers of...

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18th June 2013

Controversy continues over Bangladesh union rights

The Bangladesh government faced fierce opposition to its draft amendments to the country’s labour laws placed before the country’s Parliament on June 5. On June 16 members of the government...

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5th June 2013

Cambodian unions divided over clash

The president of Cambodia's Free Trade Union (FTU) has threatened to order a large strike if eight of his members arrested on June 3 during violent clashes at a garment...

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